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12 Ways to Stay Connected To Your Mother

Whether you call her ‘Mum’ or ‘Mom’, ‘Ammi’ or ‘Aiti’, the connection we have with our mothers is unlike any other. So whilst we celebrate Mother’s Day across the world, here are our tips for staying connected with your Mum throughout the year.

1. Send her cute postcards with TouchNote (obviously) 

Stay connected with your no.1 by sharing memories, moments and anything that reminds you of them. These meaningful check-ins keep you close, even when you’re apart. 

Don’t settle for the ordinary supermarket cards. TouchNote allows you to personalise cards with your favourite photos, stickers and even a custom stamp. We’ll then send it to anywhere in the world, for free!

Why not try out TouchNote today and create your personalised card today. 

2. Set up time to really talk

Whether you live together or close by, taking the time to truly listen to one another helps strengthen any relationship. So, instead of asking ‘how are you?’ try asking ‘what was the last thing that made you laugh?’ Meaningful questions beat small talk every time. 

3. Send daily updates

Whether you’re doing something super fun or just having a laundry session, let your Mum know! Not only will she enjoy hearing about what you’ve been up to, she’ll also be proud of you for remembering to do the laundry. #Browniepoints

4. Cook together

What better way to connect than through the love of food? Our social media manager Hannah says, “Mum and I have been doing some virtual cooking – we get monthly deliveries of these recipe kits. It always starts with a 20 minute introduction to facetime though.“

Why not make it a challenge to see whose dish looks best?

5. Connect over a puzzle

Technology is a wonderful thing, but we can all max out our screen time sometimes. Why not take your mind off the world by starting a jigsaw or [insert board game here] together? Having a shared activity can help conversation flow and pass time in a wholly wholesome way. If you’re living apart there are plenty of digital alternatives like apps and websites that allow you to play against one another too!

6. Make a TikTok together

Okay so it might not be at the top of your list, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t try out the latest TikTok dance with your Mum and have a laugh. You don’t even have to post it, unless you fancy the thought of going viral…? Why not follow @touchnote on TikTok for more fun and share your best TikTok dance with us!

7. Send each other care packages

Thoughtful things that say ‘I love you’ all wrapped up in a box can be one of the nicest gifts to receive. Does your Mum need to relax a little more? Give her some self care time with a face mask, or maybe a gift card to your favourite meditation app? 

Self care can come in other forms too, sometimes even just taking the time to help tidy up and refresh your space can help clear your mind.

8. Take up a mutual hobby (clay, yoga, etc)

You don’t have to be the next Banksy, but you could try painting, sculpting, or even yoga together. My Mum can’t help laughing at herself when she tries yoga, but at least she’s having fun!

9. Send her your music suggestions 

Did you hear a song that made you think of her? Perhaps one that she loved years ago? Send it her way and give her a reason to smile. 

10. Fashion Show

If you’ve just cleared out your wardrobe and you can’t decide what to keep/get rid of, Mums will always be the first to tell you the truth! 

11. Spill the tea 

Camilla our Growth Marketing Exec says, “My mum and I both love gossip and pastries. So over lockdown (and always) we spend ages chatting on the phone about who’s got engaged, who’s having a baby, how the neighbour’s new business is going etc. And for Mother’s Day I ran over to hers with croissants from Gail’s.”

12. Start a book club

My Mum and I have incredibly different taste in books, so admittedly we’d have trouble with this one. But there’s no reason why you can’t read different books and discuss them once a week. 

You could talk about: 

  • What you’re enjoying/not enjoying 

  • What you think might happen next 

  • Why you think the author wrote the book

TouchNote is the world’s best app for real photo cards and a better way to stay connected to your mum. Looking to capture these special moments with your mum? Just TouchNote it. Create your personalised card today!

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