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8 Reasons to Send a Card Today

You don’t always need an occasion to send a card. In fact, we’ve got 8 reasons for you to send one to someone today.

1. You want to make someone’s day

Research shows that when you send a card to someone it creates a rush of endorphins for the recipient, and when they thank you for it, you too experience that rush of endorphins which causes us to be happy. Check out our research with Dr. Anna Machin to learn more about the science behind card sending. (Link to blog post).

2. You miss that special someone

If it’s been a while since you reached out to someone, sending a card could add to the sentiment behind it. Send a cherished memory and reignite that nostalgic feeling with a photo card, or use our artwork to say it all.

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3. You made something!

National lockdowns across the globe have led us to pick new crafty and creative hobbies, from baking to knitting, pottery to DIY. Be proud of your new skills and share your latest creations with your friends.

4. You found some old photos

There’s nothing like scrolling through your phone’s gallery and reminiscing about the adventures you’ve had. Sending a postcard is a great way to get these photos off of your phone, so you never forget those times again.

5. You took a really cool picture of your food

Sometimes, posting that ultimate food pic on Instagram just doesn’t quite cut it. Give your friends some food envy or invite them to your very own dinner party.

6. Someone got a new job

We all know how grueling that process can be, so it’s only right to celebrate the big wins.

7. You miss hugs

Things are tough. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way, and a heartfelt card in the post is the perfect way to do that whilst we’re apart.

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8. Just Because

We don’t always need a reason to send a card! Sometimes it’s just because we feel like it, it’s something fun, exciting, and mindful to do.

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