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30+ messages to write in a Mother’s Day card

Finding the right words to put in a Mother’s Day card can be a tough ask. They nurture us, they protect us, they encourage us, they pick us up when we’re down, they unconditionally love us, they are the best. We can all be guilty of not telling them often enough how incredible they are, so let’s find the perfect message to compliment your beautiful custom card and delightful gift. Explore messages to send to mothers, grandmothers, wives, mamas to be or unconventional motherly figures. 

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Funny Mother’s Day Messages

Yes, Mother’s day is a great time to tell your mom how special she is, but perhaps a funny note feels more appropriate for your relationship. Put a smile on her face with an amusing message and a super punny card.

  • “Happy Mother’s Day! You’re one of my favourite parents.”

  • “I am so lucky to have you as a mom, and you’re even luckier to have me as a child.”

  • “Congratulations on giving birth to such a legendary child! Happy Mother’s Day.”

  •  “Thanks for putting up with me Mom. You’re the best.”

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Cute Mother’s Day Messages

Now’s a great time to get sentimental and make your mom feel as special as she is. Let her know how much you appreciate, admire and love her with a message that she is guaranteed to be thankful for. 

  • ”Out of all the mom’s in the world, I’m glad you’re mine.”

  • “I hope one day to be as incredible a mother as you have been to me.”

  • “To put it simply: Thanks for being you. We’re lucky to have you.”

  • “It’s your turn to get spoiled today. Happy Mother’s day!”

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Grandmother’s Day Messages

A relationship with our grandparents can be one of the most special in our life and today is a day to honour that incredible bond. So whether you call her Grandma, Nana, Nanny, Grammy or Nonna;  wish her a Happy Mother’s Day too.

  • “You’re such a fun and cool Nana. Happy Mothers Day to the best Gran ever!”

  • “Happy Grandmother’s Day. Forever grateful for all you do for us, I’m the luckiest grandson in the world.”

  •  “Wishing you love and happiness today and always. You’re the best grandma ever!”

  • “Thanks for all the fun memories, days out and special treats. You’re not only a grandma ever but a great friend too.”

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First-time Mother Messages

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a big milestone for first-time mums. A lot has changed since welcoming their newest addition, so reminding them what a great job they are doing and to put their feet up is sure to be appreciated. 

  • “Happy first Mother’s Day. It has been an honour seeing you transition into an incredible mom. We’re both so grateful to have you.”

  • “I knew you’d take to motherhood with no problems. Keep being the great mother you are.”

  • “This is the exciting start to a very exciting journey. Enjoy your first Mother’s Day.”

  • “I can’t wait to start my life with you as my amazing mommy!”

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Messages For Your Wife

Seeing your significant other transition from wife to mother is an incredible journey to witness, and Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to share how proud you are of all the strength, kindness and patience she has displayed as a wife and mother. 

  • “Happy Mother’s Day. I am forever grateful for all you do for myself and the kids. We all adore you.”

  •  “I lucked out with not only having you as a wife but as the most incredible mother to our children. Today is all about you.”

  • “You’re the best role model the kids could have, and you love them like no other. Happy Mother’s Day.”

  • “Thanks for being a loving, supportive and fun mum. Time to put your feet up!”

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From Kids

Today’s the day to bring mum breakfast in bed, give her a break from running kids from football practice to dance, and spoil her for being the great mommy she is.  

  • “Happy Mommy’s Day. I hope your day is as special as you are.”

  • “Thanks for being my mom! I love you so much.”

  •  “Dad said we can make you breakfast for Mother’s Day. Hope you like it! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

  • “Love you loads and you’re the best momma ever. Hope you like your presents.”

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For expectant moms

Whether it’s early days, or their due date is just around the corner, wish this momma to be a very Happy Mother’s Day. It’s her last before a very exciting new arrival and an opportunity to show support and encouragement before the baby arrives.

  • “Happy Mother-to-be Day! You’re going to make the most amazing mom!”

  • “You’re joining the mom club! I hope this mother’s day will be the first of many special celebrations!”

  • “You’ve got the pregnancy glow, and I can’t wait for your new arrival. Put your feet up today and enjoy the peace while you can!”

  • “Happy Mother’s Day, Mumma! Excited for your next chapter!”

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For a mother figure

Today’s not just a day to celebrate biological mothers, but to celebrate the person who has stepped up to fill that role in your life. So, say Happy Mother’s Day to your godmother, sister, dad, guardian, or whoever it is who has been a positive role model in your life. 

  • “Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing woman I know. You are just like a mom to me.”

  • “You’re the Mother I never had, and better than I could have ever asked for. Thanks for always putting up with me.”

  • “You mean more to me than I can put into words, but to put it simply, Happy Mother’s Day.”

  • “I am so greatful for all the fun we’ve had together and the great memories we’ve made. You always make me laugh and look out for me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

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