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10 random acts of kindness to do today

Being kind isn’t about the big gestures and extravagant gifts, it’s about the purposeful moments of kindness we bring to every day. A random act of kindness is one way we can do our part today. 

Wait, what are random acts of kindness? Well, it’s simple, they are unexpected acts or gestures that are helpful or kind to someone else (and they’re done with no expectation of anything in return!). Research has proven that carrying out a random act of kindness is not only good for the receiver, but the do-er also. It has been proven to have positive impacts on mental health, physical wellbeing and to make us feel more connected and united.

We researched 10 random acts of kindness that can help put a smile on a friend, loved one or stranger’s face. Explore our list and do your bit today.

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Buy a stranger a coffee

Whilst queuing for your morning hit of caffeine (or herbal tea if that’s more up your street), why not pay for the person behind you’s coffee too. It’s a guaranteed way to make a stranger’s day.

Send a postcard to a loved one

At TouchNote we believe card sending is not just for the big milestones and special occasions. There’s always a reason to send something in the mail, so why not send a friend or family a postcard just to say “hi”.

Volunteer and give time to charity

Giving your time is a great way to spread a kind moment. Do some research into local charities and see if you can help at a homeless shelter, food bank or perhaps animal sanctuary. An extra pair of hands is always appreciated.

Bake something for your neighbor

Head around to your neighbors to say hello and drop off some tasty goods.  It’s great to check in with those close to you geographically, and a delicious sweet treat is always welcome.

Treat someone to flowers

Flowers brighten up any room and anyone’s mood. Whether it’s a big bouquet or some you picked yourself from a local park, a surprise gift of flowers is always a great random act of kindness to receive.

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Let your appreciation be known

It’s always great to feel appreciated, and we don’t always let people know we’re grateful for what they do for us. So let that friend, family member, teacher, gym instructor or even your local shop assistant know that you appreciate what they do.

Pick up litter at your local park

An act of kindness doesn’t just have to be directly for someone but can be for the benefit of the wider community. Doing good makes you feel good, and seeing the before and after of helping to tidy up in your community is a feel good moment for you too.

Tell your coworker they’re doing a good job

Let your colleague know their hard work is recognized and what a good job they’ve been doing. A compliment like that can make someone’s day more than we sometimes realize. 

Make a playlist for someone

Personally curating someone a playlist of songs that made you think of them or with some of your own favorites can be a really fun way to let someone know you care and love them. This small gesture goes a long way.

Send a gift

Send something kind in the post to a friend and don’t tell them. That way, your random act of kindness is an extra fun surprise. It doesn’t have to be big, but a delicious smelling candle, yummy truffles or a stuffed cuddly toy are always a welcome delivery.

Send a day-making gift and bring a smile to anyone’s face with TouchNote today.

*Gifting currently only available in the UK

Make someone’s day today by sending a TouchNote personalized card, hand-picked gift or beautiful bouquet, and spread kindness every day.

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