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5 memorable moments to capture this Easter

Easter is one of the most popular holidays in the USA. With colorful parades, a busy bunny distributing eggs and candy, special church services, picnics, and tasty dinners with family and friends, as well as the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll, it’s a day for smiles, laughter and of course, lots and lots of chocolate!

Capture all the joy by taking snaps of your family gatherings, lavish meals, Easter bonnets, parades, cake baking, egg decorating, children with their chocolate goodies, and of course, the Easter egg hunt – you’ll fill an album with all these photos. 

Our guide provides you with lots of inspiration for recording all that this festival has to offer, so you can send Easter greetings cards to your family with a unique and personal touch.

What is Easter and how do we celebrate?

Easter is one of the main Christian holidays celebrated by people across the world. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus, three days after his death by crucifixion. Easter also signals the end of Lent, the season of fasting and penitence.

Many people like to go to a church service on Easter Sunday, where many special traditions are upheld, including poems read by children, candle lighting, and singing hymns that rejoice in the resurrection. 

Many of us also enjoy this holiday by getting together with family and friends for BBQs, picnics, and dinners. And, let’s not forget, we also love to give and receive Easter eggs and other chocolate goodies.

Did you know?

Easter was originally a pagan celebration, named after Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The name was later adopted by early European Christians to mark the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Why should you capture it?

We don’t get the chance to see all of the family together very often, so Easter is the perfect opportunity to invite one and all, both young and old, for a fun celebration that everyone will enjoy.

You won’t struggle to find photo opportunities – walking to church in all your best clothes, sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a picnic in the garden or on the beach, children eating their chocolate and candy, and ultimately, the Easter egg hunt itself. 

The excitement of the egg hunt

Whether it’s warm enough where you live to play outdoors at Easter or you have to stay indoors, nothing turns adults back into children or makes youngsters happier and more excited than the thrill of an egg hunt, and the competition to find the most can be fierce!

Get a snap of the dash to see who can find the most eggs. Whether they are painted and hard-boiled, artificial and filled with candy and chocolate, or foil wrapped and made of chocolate, you and the kids will have an absolute blast.

Capture the happiness, anticipation, achievement, and frustration of the hunters as they search high and low. Imagine the hilarious photos you can use to make amazing cards to send to all the family after the event!

A spoonful of sugar (or more)

Chocolate and Easter go together like peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate is one of the most exciting parts of Easter, for both adults and children. So, get the camera ready for chocolate smiles, sugar crash naps, and mountains of sweet eggs!

It’s a family affair

For some, it’s a BBQ to see in spring, and for others, it’s a hearty meal around the table with all the trimmings, topped off by a fabulous dessert and cake. An Easter dinner can be made up of ham, potatoes, corn, green beans, or combinations like asparagus and dinner rolls. But there are no strict rules about what to cook – pick a few crowd favorites and you can’t go wrong. 

Whatever is on the menu, make sure you give it the respect it deserves by capturing the gathered family around the feast!

Celebrate at church

Many Christians celebrate Easter with special church services, music, parades, candle lighting ceremonies, flowers, and the ringing of church bells. Honoring the rising of Jesus is the true reason for the season, so snap a moment from your local service and capture the spirit of the celebration.

Baking and decorating

Easter is a wonderful time for adults and children to get artsy and crafty. Unleash your inner artist and break out the paints for some egg decorating. 

You could fashion a stunning Easter bonnet, create a hilarious bunny mask, or decorate your home for the season by creating colorful banners and bunting. Don’t forget to photograph all the masterful pieces and messy fails for future laughs.

Another option is some family baking – perhaps a luscious chocolate cake complete with decorative chicks and mini chocolate eggs? Or, you could whip up some yummy hot cross buns? These spiced sweet buns have become popular Easter treats in the US over the last couple of years, so why not check out some recipes?

Fun facts

The Easter bunny is thought to have originated in Pennsylvania in the 1700s when German immigrants brought over their tradition of an egg-laying hare called ‘Osterhase’ or ‘Oschter Haws’. Their children made nests in which the ‘Osterhase’ could lay its colored eggs.

Hot cross buns, made with spice and fruit and marked with a cross, have been linked with Easter celebrations worldwide since they appeared in 12th century England. But, they actually pre-date Christianity with their origins in paganism. 

From Easter picnics and family dinners to egg hunts and church services, there are so many ways to celebrate this special time of year. 

It’s easy to share all the best moments of your celebrations by sending friends and family a personalized and fun Easter card, using up to six photos that says ‘this is how we had fun at Easter’.

TouchNote / February 2023
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