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How to stay connected with a loved one with Alzheimer’s

Receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis for a loved one can be a scary time. It’s hard to think that the person you love may be changing and the road ahead can feel uncertain. We may naturally become frustrated or upset with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s manifesting in our loved ones, but this is also a critical time to keep in touch, show your love, support and share the memories that are slowly beginning to fade. 

Sending cards is just one way we can show our love. By sharing new memories which the disease may rob them of attending or remembering. A card to show the grandchildren heading to school, a family holiday abroad, or get togethers with their nearest and dearest. Also a card reflecting on the good times you have had together in the past. Perhaps their wedding day, a great trip they love to reminisce about, or a lunch that will go down as legendary. Reflecting and sharing the good times provides a bond with a loved one who is going through a scary time themself. 

Although Alzheimer’s may be seen as the disease which destroys memories, a personalised card and message can be a way of keeping them forever.

So we spoke to one of our own in Team TouchNote, Ben, who uses TouchNote to stay connected with his 98-year old grandmother.

What we’re doing to help

At TouchNote we’re continually inspired by how TouchNoters use cards to connect with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. With more than 6 million people currently living with Alzheimers in the US (Alzheimer’s Association), and over 850,000 people in the UK (Alzheimer’s Society), this disease has a widespread impact. TouchNote cards are a great way to share memories, send a hello and let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Senders have been using TouchNote to stay connected with family living with Alzheimer’s for years. Tami used to share new memories with her mother through TouchNote card sending. 

“I used this to send postcards to my mother that has Alzheimer’s in a nursing home, to brighten her day with smiling pictures of her great grandchildren!”

For Alzheimer’s Day this year we wanted to do something to help. Through TouchNoter’s fundraising efforts we will donate to the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK and in the US to Alzheimer’s Association. Thanks to the generosity and kindness shown by our TouchNote members connecting with their loved ones, more help can be given to those that need it. 

These donations will allow these charities to continue to offer specialist advice, reach out to those who are struggling with the illness and help make the frightening diagnosis of Alzheimer’s a little more manageable. 

If you’ve been inspired by Ben’s story, then sign up to TouchNote today and share your memories with those you care about.

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Hi Nan, just wanted to send you a card to say hello and let you know that we all miss you. Sorry we couldn’t come and see you on your birthday but I hope you love the presents and the chocolates. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Ben

So, my Nan is a bit of a legend in the family. She’s 98 years old and she’s an absolute superstar. But a few years ago we just started to see that she wasn’t really coping or really managing on her own. She was forgetting things, her memory wasn’t great. We found out that she had early onset Alzheimer’s and things were starting to deteriorate a little bit. But you didn’t see it every day. You didn’t see it in everything that she did. She had good days, she had bad days. Like everyone. I think more than anything it’s about just making her feel included a bit more, in our world. And I’d like to think that sometimes it’s a little bit longer lasting than a cup of tea or a biscuit with her. Because you send her something and she puts it up on a wall or she keeps it by her bed so I think that’s an important thing to know that she can kind of keep the memories.


TouchNote / September 2021
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