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10 ideas for a wonderful thank you cards

Here at Touchnote, we know that the number one reason for sending postcards is to say thank you in a quick, easy, and meaningful way – whether it’s for a gift, a day out, or some love and support.

We got in touch with 10 of our card senders to hear their stories about the brilliant cards they sent to thank friends and family, and why they chose Touchnote to make their day!

“I sent cards to my son Mark and daughter Adele. It was to thank them for the lovely lunch we had on Boxing Day. It isn’t very often both families get together with me, so this was a lovely occasion.

My daughter had used Touchnote to send me a card of Christmas Day and I thought it was a lovely idea, a great keepsake and personal way of saying thank you – so I did the same for Boxing Day.”

“I created this thank you card on behalf of my two little sons (Charlie and Samuel – aka the Minions!). I sent it to various family members and friends to thank them for the boys’ Christmas presents.

I love the different card layouts. I’ll definitely be creating more postcards in the future to send regular photos of the boys to their Aunt, Uncle and Cousin in Australia. It’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with them.”

“I sent a few cards after Christmas to thank relatives and friends. I chose pictures I’d taken in 2015 of garden plants as a reminder that Wales once had weather apart from rain, and pretty landscapes where water didn’t automatically mean flooding!

Using Touchnote was much easier than the hassle of buying a generic card in a shop, finding addresses and stamps, and finally remembering to post it.”

“My sister and niece took me to lunch to celebrate my birthday recently so I thought it would be extra special to send them a personal thank you of us on our date.

I love Touchnote because not only is it super easy to use, but the cards turn out beautifully and the recipients always rave about them. It’s my favorite app!”

“This card was a thank you for gifts and also a simple ‘hello’ with an updated picture of my daughter. Picture postcards are a perfect way to share her milestones.

I love that it’s the same price to send a card to Australia as it is to send a card around the corner to Nanna! Family love to receive them and as the quality is so high they often end up in a frame on a mantelpiece!”

“This card was a thank you to my best friend of over thirty years, Rachael. We spent Christmas with her family at their vineyard in Adelaide. They took us to a candlelit carol concert where they had free camel rides, and the beach photo was taken Christmas Day, just as a police car passed, so we made it look like we were all arrested and kneeling waiting to be cuffed! We fished for yabees and chased a giant huntsman spider around the house. It was a Christmas to remember!

I use Touchnote as I travel a lot and it’s the easiest way to keep in contact and thank people. We have friends and family all over the world and they all love receiving our post cards. ”

“This picture is of my daughter and niece who were dressing up in hats and scarfs. The thank you card was for my nanny and grandad as they bought my daughter 4 riding lessons for Christmas.

I enjoy being able to send postcards quickly and easily to friends and family. My nanny and grandad don’t get out much and receiving a postcard makes them so happy.”

“This card was sent to a friend from my son to say thank you for his Christmas pressie.

I used Touchnote because it is so easy and quick, and all my addresses are in my address book already, so it’s just a matter of tapping on the address, writing a little message and pressing send. I love that you can pre-purchase credits too, so you don’t have to faff about with paying every time.”

“I love Touchnote. I use it every holiday I go on so I can send pictures of my adventures back home and every Christmas I send thank you cards to family and friends with a photo that I take over the Christmas period. This year’s picture was taken near York of an abbey in the flood water.

Touchnote is speedy and reliable and I love that it adds the element of personalisation that manufactured cards don’t have.”

“I have used Touchnote several times before, and on this occasion the card was a thank you for Christmas gifts from family and friends. I feel it’s important to thank people for their generosity – using a Touchnote postcard is a lovely and novel way of doing so.

Family especially love receiving photos of my 3-year-old daughter and it’s a lovely keepsake. It’s so simple and quick to do. I like that I can copy the card and send it to several recipients, tailoring the message to suit, no need to start from scratch each time – time is of the essence when you have a 3-year-old!”

And now it’s our turn to say thanks! We’d like to thank all of our card senders for letting us share their cards with you, and for making someone feel special with their photos.

Remember, it’s never too late to say thanks! You can send a printed thank you card straight from your phone in a couple of taps, and you can even use one of our new thank-you designs.

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