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11 postcards to give you wanderlust

We’ve seen some fantastic holiday postcards sent with Touchnote, from all four corners of the globe 🌍  Take a look at these 11 cards we’ve handpicked, and see how far they’ve travelled.

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🇹🇭  Bangkok, Thailand
🇺🇸  Atlanta, GA, USA

Ashley, who lives in Nairobi, was on a tour with friends through Vietnam and Thailand when she snapped this outside Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn. She sent the postcard to her parents whose house is usually filled with photos of her nephew, sent by her sibling. To keep the balance between her sibling’s pics and her own, Ashley sends them postcards of her trips around the world.


🇬🇧  Dorset, UK
🇬🇧  London, UK

Mary Jane and her kids visited the beautiful English coastline to spend a few days with their Granny and Grandpa. After a picnic at Lulworth Cove, they snapped this shot in front of Durdle Door. Now Granny and Grandpa have this lovely postcard to adorn their home, and a memento of their fab holiday.

🇲🇲  Bagan, Myanmar
🇬🇧  Barnsley, UK

The ancient city of Bagan was once home to over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries, and over 2200 still remain to this day. Sitting atop one of those temples, Sophie-Alice captured this stunning sunset and sent the serene snap to her Great Aunt back home in the UK.


🇭🇰  Hong Kong
🇨🇦  Ontario, Canada

Hong Kong is renowned for its iconic skylines, boasting high rise buildings against leafy, green peaks. Cathy sent this postcard to her parents, with a range of shots taken across HK, including the famous Victoria Harbor and it’s transformation from day to night.


🇫🇮  Helsinki, Finland
🇬🇧  Surrey, UK

Taking advantage of the long hours of daylight in Finland, Kerry and her husband took this photo at 10pm after a delicious local meal. The unusually warm weather was enjoyed on a week long trip with their friends across Finland & The Baltics.


🇫🇷  Paris, France
🇬🇧  London, UK

Perched at the top of Montmartre, a hill in Paris, the Sacre Coeur Basilica can be seen for miles. These happy faces are Nicki and her extended family on their way up to the summit. Some lucky grandparents will be receiving this card very soon!


🇧🇷  Paraná, Brazil
🇦🇺  New South Wales, Australia

Emily’s four nieces were the lucky recipients of this postcard from her and Tom. Most of the photos were taken at the breathtaking Iguazu falls in Brazil, where the two explored the falls by foot and met a friendly Toucan, before taking a helicopter ride to see the falls from above.


🇮🇹  Puglia, Italy
🇬🇧  Norwich, UK

Thanks to Douglas, Grandma Elizabeth received this lovely photo of her grandchildren Sebastian and Hermione enjoying a lovely turquoise pool in Masseria Bosco. Lucky them!


🇵🇹  Faro, Portugal
🇬🇧  Durham, England

Sun, sea, and sand – what more could you want from a family holiday to Portugal? Rachael and her family shared their fun in the sun with her dad, so he could see the children enjoying their summer time.


🇱🇰  Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
🇫🇷  Paris, France

Axel and his stepson loved their trip to Sri Lanka, with it’s mix of historic remains and stunning landscapes. Whilst out exploring the idyllic beaches of Unawatuna, Axel captured this awesome action shot of his stepson! He then sent this stunning ray of tropical sunshine to his stepson’s grandfather on his behalf.


🇨🇳  Shanghai, China
🇬🇧  Cambridge, UK

What a way to make your colleagues jealous! This stunning photo of the recently opened Shanghai Tower was snapped by Derek. He sent the imposing bit of architecture to his office back at home whilst he was out on holiday.


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