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Types of Mother’s Day Cards to Send

This Sunday is for the mums, and while here at TouchNote we believe every day should be Mother’s Day, this year holds more significance. In light of these uncertain times, not knowing when we might next see our loved ones; conducting business meetings in our pyjamas, supermarket shelves emptying and the possibility of soon paying for groceries with toilet paper, one thing that won’t be in short supply is messages of love and support.

Mother’s Day isn’t just for the wonder woman that raised you, it’s for the first-time mums, the grandma’s, the group chat pep talker, and the advice-giver who’s forever a phone call away. It could be your best friend, maybe it’s your sister or that friendly, reliable face at the school gates!

While we’re all taking steps to ease the strain distance can put on such a social species — and that might mean a Mother’s Day apart — here’s a few ways in which you can stay close to all the mums in your life, no matter the distance between you this weekend.

Send a card to yourself

With more time to craft the perfect message, why not send a card to yourself and hand write it? Choose a photo from your phone, add it to your card, and we’ll post it to you for you to apply the finishing touches. Show her you’ve made the time.

Kindness illustrations

We’ve added even more artworks and illustrations to keep spirits high in these unfamiliar times. The elderly are especially vulnerable at the moment, so take a look for yourself, choose a favourite, and surprise them in the post with a heartfelt message.

Memory lane

If you can’t make it home this weekend, send a nostalgic care-package in the form of a card. Have a scroll through your phone’s photo album and choose a memory fit for the mantelpiece. A photo from the summer you learnt to swim, or playing board games on a rainy Sunday. We wouldn’t want them to get lost in the news feed, or deep in the depths of your phone.

Recipe card

We know supermarket shelves are empty. It’s the wild west out there. But, why not get creative with your card — and send a homage to one of your favourite recipes growing up? Sure, some ingredients might be missing, but that’s half the fun.

TouchNote / March 2020
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