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How to: Decorate with your summer snaps

Summer is full of moments to remember! So we’re here to help you make them last long after the sun disappears.

It’s time to get all those snaps off your phone and onto the walls. Take a look below to see what you can do with your sunny memories.

The fridge

For a long time, the refrigerator has played gallery to a mix of kids’ artwork, assorted magnets, and those takeaway menus you never use. Jazz it up with a few summer snaps!

The wall

Stick em up! If you’re not a fan of adhesive putty, use Washi Tape for a colourful, cute twist when popping your snaps up on the walls. Or hang up a big, glossy, photo canvas and bring the sunshine to any room.

The desk

A little print, postcard or framed snap will add a bright, personal touch to any workspace. A great pick-me-up during a tough day of work!


The mantelpiece

Your snaps will keep the room warm when the fire isn’t burning. Of course mantelpieces are often home to cards from special occasions, so turn that sunshine into a lovely greeting card for wedding or exam congrats, summer birthdays, and more!


The pinboard

Add to yours with your favourite faces and vistas on prints and postcards. Or create a moodboard for some inspiration in the greyer months.


The coffee table

A little framed photo makes a great addition to any living room. And a colourful print box filled with your latest holiday snaps are a great conversation starter when guests come to visit!

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