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Q&A with the Artwork Collective – Kay Train

At TouchNote we work with a range of incredible artists around the world, to bring you unrivalled designs for each of your cards.

Recently, we caught up with Kay Train who has been working with TouchNote for a number of years and has designed some of our favourite cards.

Meet the Maker: Kay Train

Hi, my name is Kay Train; I’m an illustrator for TouchNote and based in Brighton, UK. 

Photo credit: @janelookerphotography

What have you been working on recently?

Recently, I’ve been working on many birthday card designs, I’ve just done Father’s Day, and I’m just now working on the Pride brief. 

How do you research the artwork?

Generally, how I get inspired is basically by things around me, going to galleries, and I love a good thrift shop or vintage fair. I always come back with arms full of rubbish or what people might think, but I find it really inspiring.  Or things like colour schemes will appear out of nowhere, I might see a scrunched up napkin on the table and think those colours look good together, and I’ll take a picture of it.

How did you research for the Pride artwork? 

I’m lucky to live in Brighton for research for Pride, which is a very vibrant, diverse and creative city. It’s proud to host one of the largest Pride festivals every year, so there a lot of inspiration here. I’ve also got some friends in the community who I’ve spoken to and listened to their stories.

What is your artistic style?

I often get the comments and feedback that my style is quite fun and provokes a feeling. I’ve tried to weave that into the Pride brief to bring out some joyful and celebratory feelings.

Photo credit: @janelookerphotography

How do you create your designs? 

I’ll think, which sounds obvious, and then I’ll start listing down the ideas that come into my mind. Then I’ll slim down those and do some quick pencil sketches before discussing and collaborating with the TouchNote team. Finally, I illustrate and finalise the designs. 

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means to be the celebration of true self and acceptance. I think it’s really important to stand together and show love for one another. 

What tips do you have to support Pride? 

I think it’s really important to educate yourself and to listen. I also think it’s really important to correct any negativity you hear and celebrate local events around you. 

Watch the full clip here when we caught up with Kay.

After all, without incredible artists like Kay Train we wouldn’t be able to bring you unrivalled designs for each of your cards. To discover some of these amazing card designs simply download the TouchNote app or go to our site TouchNote. 

TouchNote / June 2021
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