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The Galentine’s Gifting Guide

Celebrated on 13th February, Galentine’s Day is dedicated to honoring all the significant friendships and non-romantic relationships that are important to you and enhance your life. It’s a day when you can let your besties know just how precious they are to you – and believe it when we say it can be just as much fun as Valentine’s Day, if not more!

Typical celebrations include sending cards and gifts, and getting together for a cocktail brunch, rom-com evening, mani-pedi appointments, dinner at a fancy restaurant or anything else that you and your friends like to do together.

Why not show your appreciation and send Galentine’s Day gifts to all those people who are there for you in the best and the worst of times? For those who support you through life’s traumas and dramas. And who always come through with the perfect outfit when you’ve got nothing in your closet that even comes close.

There are plenty of fab gifts for friends out there so you won’t have any trouble choosing something that is perfect to show love to those you love the best. Read on for our essential guide, full of inspiration.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is a reasonably new, unofficial holiday that is thought to have taken off in 2010 after an episode of the popular TV series, Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope, the main character, showers her girlfriends with lavish personalized gifts and messages of love at a breakfast while they feast and enjoy mimosas, generally having plenty of fun.

Following this, companies started to realize that Galentine’s Day was becoming popular and soon cards started to appear. Businesses began to offer special Galentine’s Day discounts on February 13th – including all-time favorites like happy hours, group spa discounts, breakfast, brunch and dinner deals to honor the occasion.

Although it was initially thought of as a day especially for women and their girlfriends, Galentine’s Day is now recognised as a more inclusive celebration, with friends of any gender getting together to celebrate their platonic relationships.

Why celebrate it at all?

This time of year can be tricky for people who are not in a romantic relationship with anyone and Valentine’s Day can make people feel left out and a bit lonely. So although Galentine’s Day isn’t the most well-known celebration around the world, it’s quickly gaining in popularity. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate your friends and remind those you love of just how much you cherish them. The only rule? No significant others included. 

And whether you are able to meet up or not, a thoughtful gift for your friends, sent from the heart, will be valued and appreciated on a day dedicated to besties showing each other how special they really are.

1. Flowers and plants

A colorful and fragrant bouquet isn’t just for the romantic love in your life. A lovely bunch of flowers makes a great gift for women and male friends alike – flowers light up a room and spread a sense of joy and happiness around. They will also be appreciated by those who find February a bit too dreary and gray. 

And, if they’re not a big fan of flowers, why not go green and explore TouchNote’s great range of plants too? A plant is a great gift and one that keeps on giving as it grows and matures – it’s not all that different to nurturing a relationship, you might say.

2. Chocolate and treats

Chocolates and candy are a favorite with just about everyone – and they aren’t just a Valentine’s Day classic. They’re a Galentine’s Day classic too. At TouchNote, you can get gourmet goodies for all your favorite friends. Choose from tasty pralines and sumptuous champagne truffles, honeycomb chocolate and gourmet popcorn. There’s a selection of vegan options too – yummy!

3. Self-care goodies

Traditionally considered just gifts for women, everyone loves to feel pampered, especially on Galentine’s Day. And while it’s lovely to visit the spa, treating yourself at home can be just as nice. So why not gift your girl and guy friends a little self-care? You can shop for great items such as facemasks, fruity bath treats, rich hand creams and gin and tonic bath bombs. Check out our range of even more indulgent home spa choices for those special friends on Galentine’s Day.

4. Cozy homewares

Give a gift that says ‘I love you’ every day with a sweet piece of homeware that will remind your friends of your wonderful friendship every time they see it around the house. At TouchNote, we’ve got pretty mugs, frames, trinkets and lots of other cute little gifts to remind them just how special they are to you.

5. Tasty tipples

Why not toast your friendship with a gorgeous range of boozy delights? We’re thinking bubbly, fine wine, premixed cocktails or mini gins – whatever takes your fancy. Sending them all with a fabulous personalized Galentine’s Day card is the perfect cherry on top.

Galentine’s Day gifts for friends

Galentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the special friendships you value in your life – let your friends know just how much they mean to you by sending a thoughtful and loving gift that will touch their hearts.

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