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Stylist Claire Hall’s top tip for remembering her family summer

The summer season is full of adventures, sunshine, and best of all, extra quality time with friends and family. These are memories we cherish forever, and we’ll want to share with others and ourselves. 

Stylist and busy mum Claire did just that with her family by printing off postcards of her favorite summer memories as a way to let summer live on all year around. Sending postcards to family and friends, as well as to yourself is a great way to keep your summer memories alive. So now they will never forget the fun they had over those summer months, at the beach, on vacation, in the park, at prom and finishing school to name just a few.

Send a postcard of your favorite summer memories to others and yourself with TouchNote today. With free worldwide delivery.

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I had all these postcards printed. They’re memories from our summer and I used the TouchNote app. It’s so easy to use and it’s so nice to get these memories out of my phone and actually onto a postcard. It’s great looking back at our summer memories with these postcards from TouchNote and I’ve given a couple to the kids so that they can put them in their rooms. It was a good summer as well because my son got his exam results and he had his prom.


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