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How to celebrate this Valentine’s Day according to your love language

Whether it’s been six months or sixty years, Valentine’s Day is a way to show the one you love that you get them. And while rose petals might be right up their alley, our lesson in love languages (and inspiration for each style) promises a memory that’ll last forever.

So buckle up and get personal with a dose of sweet psychology that promises to set your love’s heart ablaze. We’ll give an insight into what makes them tick according to their love language, and how TouchNote can help create that extra-loving moment. 

Personalized Valentine’s cards for your personalized love.

What is a love language?

First of all, it’s probably worth checking if you know what a love language is, and then you can be sure you know what yours and your partners are. Love languages are how we express and receive love. In his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, Gary Chapman proposes there are 5 love languages. These are Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Acts of Service.

It’s probably the case that more than one of these love languages speaks to you, but there should be one in particular that stands out to you. So this Valentine’s Day, celebrate in the way that means the most to you and your significant other.

Words of Affirmation

Those who have words of affirmation as their love language value compliments, loving words and verbal praise and appreciation as a way of showing your love. So for this Valentine’s Day, you could send a TouchNote card to your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/fiance / whatever your relationship status is, and include some loving language. Write a poem, find a quote or choose a card with a beautiful design and let them know they are loved. 

Personalize your Valentine’s card with your own message, text stickers and images to tell your partner they’re loved this Valentine’s Day.

Physical Touch

For many, actions speak louder than words and those with the physical touch love language prefer feeling your love over telling them. Intimate moments such as holding hands, giving a massage and hugging your spouse or partner will let them know you care this Valentine’s Day.

Share love by holding them close, creating a custom card and adding a caring gift this Valentine’s Day. 

Receiving Gifts

For some lovers, the act of gift-giving is the ultimate expression of love. The thought, time and effort that goes into choosing and buying the perfect gift means a lot to many, and it shows you know them and really care. Thankfully at TouchNote, we can make it even easier for you and have completely personalizable cards and incredible hand-picked gifts in the same place. This doesn’t just have to be for your romantic partner but is also a great way to celebrate Galentine’s Day and send a loving wish to friends and family.

Send a gift or a bouquet of flowers form TouchNote and show them you care.

Quality Time

Spending time together, not looking at your phone, making eye contact, fully engaging, and listening are moments that a partner with this love language values. Prioritize them this Valentine’s Day and make them know they are your number one. Why not give them a personalized card over an intimate dinner, or during some quality time together.

Share memories of the time you have spent together with a photo upload card and show them how special they are. 

Acts of Service

For the acts of service love language, the recipient loves having things done for them. Whether big or small, if you can do something to make their life easier, then they’ll know they’re loved. This Valentine’s Day you could run them a bath, make them dinner, run a few of their errands, do a grocery shop; the possibilities are endless.

Show your love your way this Valentine’s Day with custom cards from TouchNote. For a card as unique as the love you share.

Celebrate your love your way this Valentine’s Day with TouchNote. Create a unique keepsake card as unique and wonderful as the love you share and a gift that will be sure to delight. Personalised Valentine’s cards and gifts for your personalized love.


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