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What to write in a gender reveal card

The gender reveal is a fairly new trend that has become extremely popular. The expectant parents, who are already massively excited to be pregnant, celebrate the unveiling of the new baby’s sex by having a party and inviting all their loved ones to join them for the big reveal.

If you’re unsure of what to write in your gender reveal card, don’t stress. Keep reading and we’ll walk you through gender reveal etiquette and how best to celebrate them.

What exactly is a gender reveal?

Gender reveals are a further celebration of pregnancy and a way for expectant parents to include friends, family, and loved ones in the exciting journey leading up to the birth of their new baby. The craze began in 2008 and, as we mentioned, has been growing in popularity since. 

A gender reveal party is a celebration where the expectant parents reveal the sex of the baby to their family and friends (if they don’t know already). But, it can also be where the parents wait and leave it to the day of the party to find out too. 

Unlike a baby shower, which is usually reserved for the mom-to-be and her girlfriends, this is a more casual event with family and friends of all sexes attending.

Being invited to a gender reveal means friends and family can share in one of the most thrilling pieces of news – whether the happy couple is expecting a boy or a girl. It’s the perfect excuse for a party!

Why send a gender reveal card?

If you’re going to attend a gender reveal, you’ll need a card. Bringing a gift is also a great way to express your happiness and support for mom and/or ‘dad’ at this incredible time in their lives. This day is a chance to reassure them that whatever happens, they are going to be the greatest parents ever to their new baby.

What you write will depend on the relationship you have with the parents. You may be a family member like a sibling, aunt, or grandparent. Or, you might be a distant relative, anxious to express your good wishes. You could also be a close friend or work colleague. 

Whatever your relationship, there is no wrong or right thing to say in your gender reveal card, as long as it comes from your heart. You could express your love for them with something emotional or you may want to add some humor. Either way, you get the chance to wish them well and feel that you are a part of this happy time.

Write something heartfelt

If you want to write something in your gender reveal card that strikes a meaningful chord,  remember to highlight how much good they have coming to them. Write that their new baby will be perfect and loved, whether boy or girl.

“Your beautiful baby is on the way, and whether pink or blue, all your dreams will come true.”

“We are full of joy for you, and whether it’s ballet shoes or hockey skates, you can be sure your little star will be wrapped in love.”

“Prince or princess, we can’t wait to find out what the adorable new addition to our family will be. Congratulations to you both.”

Write something funny

If you have a more jokey relationship with the couple or parent, then something more humorous may suit you better. Crack jokes and puns about the pros and cons of both outcomes. Or, remind them that either way, it’s going to be a mini-them, which means the baby will be a nightmare to handle no matter what.

“Congratulations! I can’t wait to hold your new he or she and give them right back once they do something yucky!”

“Congrats, both! Hope you have as much fun revealing your baby’s gender as you did making him or her!”

“Happy gender reveal day – and remember that either way, you can look forward to a new tax deduction next year – what a win-win!”

Write something generic

If you don’t know the parents in question too well, or prefer a more generic message, why not write a general congratulations message to express your good wishes and excitement?

“What happy news and whether your child is a boy or a girl, I know your baby will be beautiful.”

“Whether boy or girl, they will be as cute as a button and I am thrilled for you both.”

“We were both so happy to hear your news and wish you well on your gender reveal day.”

A gender reveal is a great opportunity to celebrate with the expectant parents and find out one of the most exciting things of all – whether they will have a boy or a girl. Send a personalized TouchNote congratulations card or heartfelt gift to remind them just how much they mean to you, and how welcome this new baby will be, regardless of gender. 

P.S. Don’t forget to congratulate the happy parents when their special baby arrives. Keep your new baby card up your sleeve so it’s ready for the big day. 

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