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Spooktacular messages: What to write in a Halloween card

It’s spooky season! And whether you want to send a card to wish the recipient a Happy Halloween or share a throwback Halloween costume snap, we’ve got the perfect message for you. 

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Funny Messages

Halloween doesn’t have to be all screams and fear; why not mix it up this Halloween and share a funny line that would bring a smile even to Dracula’s face.

Fang-tastic jokes
  • “Where does a ghost go on vacation?”

    • “Mali-boo”

  • “What kind of music do mummies listen to?

    • “Wrap music”

  • “What’s a witch’s favorite subject?”

    • “Spell-ing”

  • “What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?

    • “A neck-tarine”

  • “Why did the ghost go into the bar?”

    • “For the boos”

  • “Which ghost is the best dancer?”

    • “The boogie man”

  • “Which road do vampires live on?”

    • “Dead End”

Skele-fun puns
  • “Witching you a very haunted Halloween!”

  • “It’s going to be a great Halloween. I can feel it in my bones.”

  • “Have a fang-tastic Halloween!”

  • “If you’ve got it, haunt it!”

  • “Let’s have some skele-fun.”

  • “Fangs for the memories.”

  • “Ghouls just want to have fun.”

General Messages

Keep it simple and focus on the best part of Halloween – sweets, treats and yummy eats.

  • “Scary stories, treats, and pumpkin carving. Wishing you the best Halloween ever!”

  • “Wishing you a hauntingly good Halloween and a great fall season this year! Happy Halloween!”

  • “Have lots of fun and a belly full of candy.”

  • “Looking forward to spending Halloween together.”

  • “Skeletons are boney. Vampires bite. I hope your Halloween is a spooktacular delight. Happy Halloween.”

  • “Wishing you a night full of fright and a bag full of delights. Happy Halloween!”

  • “BOO! Hope you have a fun and not too scary Halloween.”

Messages for kids

In Halloween cards for kids, make sure to wish them luck in their trick or treating and in being the best dressed little ghoul in town.

  • “A candy a day keeps the monsters away. Hope you get lots of Halloween goodies.”

  • “Happy Halloween to the scariest little monster. Be careful not to scare too many people.”

  • “Wishing you the best Halloween sugar high. Make sure to hide your sweets from your mom and dad!”

  • “Happy Halloween. Hope you get lots and lots of sweets from your trick or treating.”

  • “I’m sure you’ll be the scariest Zombie/ Werewolf/ Witch ever. Have a scary Halloween!”

  • “Sending my best wishes on Halloween to the scariest little monster in the family. Have the best time cutie!”

Cute Halloween Cards

Halloween may be a scary holiday, but it’s also full of costumes, pumpkin carving, apple-bobbing, laughs and memories.

  • “Bugs and kisses this Halloween.”

  • “Hope you have a boo-tiful Halloween.”

  • “Pumpkin spice and all things nice, Happy Halloween.”

  • “There is no better holiday. Wishing you a Halloween full of sweet candies and fun times with the family.”

  • “Halloween is almost here. Best witches for a hauntingly good holiday season.”

  • “Hold on to your broomstick – Halloween is almost here!”

Send Halloween wishes and your best costume pictures this Halloween with a TouchNote personalized card. 

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