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Wedding wishes: what to write in a Wedding Card

Wedding season is upon us, and with that comes the tricky task of what to write in the perfect wedding card message. 

Whether you want something formal, casual, funny, thoughtful, to your family, or if you’re the bride or groom yourself, we’ve got you covered. For the perfect wedding wishes look no further.  

And why not pair your personal wedding congratulations with a TouchNote custom-made card for the happy couple. 

Formal Wedding Wishes

A black-tie wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write a formal card. However, if you want to write something more traditional and timeless, or perhaps for a couple who you don’t know too well, a formal message may be the way to go. 

The greetings below are the perfect fit for co-workers, neighbors or for very traditional weddings.

  • “Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness”

  • “May the joy you feel today be with you through your long and happy life together”

  • “Thank you for letting us/me join in your beautiful day. We/I wish you the best and a long and happy union”

  • “Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day as you begin your new journey together”

  • “As you embark on your married life, may your union be filled with love, happiness and kindness”

  • “May your love grow through your time as husband and wife/ wife and wife/ husband and husband”

Casual Wedding Messages

Attending a wedding doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start writing like William Shakespeare! If casual is more your vibe and relationship to the couple, then let your card reflect that. Keep it short and sweet, and maybe add an exclamation mark.

Use the below for a close colleague, a childhood friend, a relaxed couple.

  • ‘Congratulations!’

  • ‘Happy Wedding Day!’

  • ‘Enjoy your wedding celebrations!’

  • “Here’s to a long and happy marriage”

  • “Lots of love on your wedding day”

  • “Can’t wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!”

Funny Wedding Messages

Comedy on a wedding day doesn’t just have to come from the best man’s speech. You can add a smile to the newlywed’s faces with a funny quip in your wedding card. This is also a great chance to include a funny story from the times you’ve shared with the couple. 

But let’s keep it friendly, try to avoid anything that when written may not be as funny as when you say it, or something which may cause the first fight of married life! 

You could use these for your former roommate or your best friend.

  • “Congratulations on your wedding day. Thanks for the free champagne!”

  • “Woohoo, Happy Wedding Day. Now you’re stuck with each other forever”

  • “At long last you’re getting married. Only took (how many) years”

  • “Happy Wedding Day. Thanks for hosting the most instagrammable wedding ever!”

  • “Congratulations on getting married. I’ll never forget the time… (insert personal funny story about the couple)”

Thoughtful Wedding Messages

A great way to show someone how much you love them, appreciate being part of their day, and that you wish them all the best for their married life. A heartfelt wedding message can really mean a lot to the happy couple on their wedding day. 

These are good options for a life-long friend, when you’re friends with both of the couple, for a cousin, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

  • “You two are always so supportive and loving to each other, and I know you will make the most incredible married couple”

  • “You have always been like family to me, and I feel so grateful to be able to celebrate your day with you today”

  • “I am so happy to see the best couple ever get married”

  • “You two are a match made in heaven. Can’t wait to celebrate your love today”

  • “You have always been the most incredible friend, and now (insert couple’s name) is so lucky to call you their wife/husband”

Wedding Messages for Family

Knowing what to write in the card of your closest family members can be particularly tough. You’ve known them all since forever and condensing all those thoughts and feelings into one card can be really challenging. 

Use these for your brother, sister, daughter, son, step-children or any extended family members you are particularly close to. 

  • “We have considered you family for a long time, but today it becomes official. Welcome to the family!”

  • “Today is a special day for our whole family, and we are so happy you found someone as amazing as you”

  • “You have always made us proud as parents, and today we couldn’t be prouder. Happy Wedding Day”

  • “You’ve not only been my big brother/sister, but my best friend and biggest supporter. I can’t wait to see you become a husband/wife. Love you always”

Wedding Messages for your Fiancé

Wedding cards aren’t just for guests. It’s about to be a very busy day, so sharing your real thoughts and feelings with your fiancé can be a really special moment for your wedding day. 

These messages of love are only for your husband or wife to be.

  • “I’m so happy we found each other”

  • “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you”

  • “I can’t believe I finally get to call you my husband / wife. Looking forward to our lifetime ahead”

  • “You make me a better person. I’m lucky to have you”

Other wedding card etiquette

You may also have a few more questions than just what to write. So here is a quick FAQ section to answer any other wedding card related questions you may have.

When should I send a wedding card? There’s no right or wrong on this, so don’t feel you have to give the couple a card on the day. If you can’t attend you may wish to send them one ahead of time to share in the couple’s excitement. Or perhaps you may want to send after the wedding to include your highlights from the big day. 

Should I send a wedding card even if I’m not invited? Of course, sending your best wishes to the newly married couple does not just have to be for those in attendance. Same goes for if you were invited but can’t attend. 

Do you write congratulations in a wedding card? Traditionally this was a no no, but now anything goes. So go for it. As long as it’s a positive message you’re good to go. 

Should I write a card if I’m a bridesmaid? Absolutely! Although you’re involved in the wedding itself, and know the ins and outs of the actual day, writing your thoughts and feelings in a card is definitely worth doing.  

Does it have to be a greeting card? Not at all, and at TouchNote we offer our wedding designs in a postcard or greeting card format. You can also add pictures of the couple to make it an even more personalized wedding card. 

Check out our range of wedding card designs in our app, and get sending with TouchNote today.

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