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5 heart-warming housewarming gifts

Your friend or family member just moved into their new home and we’re sure you’ve got plenty of questions. Are you meant to get them anything? Should it be a gift or a card? How many potted plants is too many? 

Well don’t worry, that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve put together a list of five housewarming gift ideas that will be sure to help turn their new house into a home. So read on, and find out exactly what makes a perfect housewarming gift. 

Make their house smell nice

If it’s a new build, then it’s probably going to smell of new paint, but if it’s an older house it might well smell of the previous tenants. Your new homeowner friends will need something to give their house a fresh and fragrant scent, and help give it a sense of new beginnings. A combination of flowers and candles will be the best gift. 

Match a Let’s celebrate bouquet of flowers with the pink grapefruit, vetiver, and mint Positive energy Scented Candle to bring some lovely scents into their home. They will leave the place feeling brand new, and ready to be made into a home. 


While the new homeowners will likely have all the furniture and appliances they need, one of the most overlooked parts of the house is the decorative items. They won’t want their shelves or new mantelpiece to go bare, so why not get them a gift to fill them? 

Picture frames are the best gift idea here – they can be used for years and your friends will be able to update the pictures throughout their lives, showcasing milestone after milestone. 

The Anjana Picture Perfect Moments frame features a timeless design that is sure to fit into any homes aesthetic and style. They’re sure to appreciate this personal housewarming gift that keeps giving. 

It looks good in their new home 

Moving from one place to another is about as hectic a job as you can imagine. It can be a physically exhausting process, and the movers are sure to be neglecting themselves during this time. Gifting a wellness kit of some sort will be sure to help them feel more comfortable at home, once they finally do move in. 

The Self Love Gift Box is the perfect gift for your beauty-conscious friend, and the 100% Natural Beard Kit will go down a treat for any bearded buddy of yours. They’ll definitely feel refreshed and ready to tackle more moving boxes, as well as giving them all the essentials they need while their life’s in boxes. 

Something sweet

Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, it’s time for a break. Moving works up an appetite, so why not surprise your friends with some sweet treats? 

Gourmet Popcorn, or Gnaw Choco Trio chocolate bars work perfectly for a tired group of movers, and will give everyone that extra bit of energy to finish unpacking. They also make a great reward at the end of the day. There will be plenty of food available between these two gifts, so when it comes time to start decorating, they’ll still have some treats left over to keep them going strong.     

Help them toast their new home 

If you can’t be there to help your friends on moving day, you can absolutely still send them a gift. And what better way to end their day and show that you care than with alcohol? They’ll be able to toast their new home and finally relax after the chaos of moving. 

If they’re gin lovers, then pair this gift with the Wildflower Balloon Gin Glass Set, a pair of beautifully designed goblets. With wildflower illustrations interwoven around the outside, this unique glass will fit into any home. 

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Along with a personalized card, these heartfelt gifts will make anyone feel right at home, ready and able to finally put their feet up.

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