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6 reasons to send a TouchNote card – all year round!

Postcards aren’t just for summer! There’s so many ways to make someone’s day with your snaps, all year round.

Take a look and see how these TouchNoters from around the world are making people smile with their cards.

First day of nursery

Ted and his awesome dinosaur rucksack (which he picked out himself!) are off to their first day of nursery together!

“Ted’s gran can’t really use a modern smartphone, so TouchNote seemed a great way to share daily cute pics of her grandson in a way she understands. It seems unfair that she can’t benefit from the social media world, but now she can.”

Honeymoon bliss

Katie and her new husband heard about TouchNote whilst out on their honeymoon, and have been using the app to send lots of lovely postcards.

“We sent them to various family members to let them know of the adventures we were having. We’re travelling around Thailand and thought the idea of using our own pictures was fantastic! Although we have only just started using TouchNote, it is certainly something we will continue to use on future holidays and will be sharing the idea with others.”

A smile for the grandparents

This happy little lady is Beulah’s daughter, Wolf, the latest of 11 grandchildren for Beulah’s parents.

“I sent them this card so they have a daily reminder of her smile and how much she loves them. They adored the photo as much as they adore her. I also used Touchnote to send ‘Thank Yous’ to generous friends and family who sent beautiful gifts upon Wolf’s arrival. Touchnote, for me, especially now I am a Mama, is everything. It allows me to keep in touch and share how Wolf is growing with the people I care about, all captured in a photo!”

Best buddies

Nath’s mum Kendra helped him send this card to his buddy Luke, who now lives over 200 miles away.

“Luke had been visiting for the weekend. The boys don’t see each other very often now which is tough on both of them. I took this picture of them both and Nath typed the message. We thought it’d be lovely for Luke to keep as happy memory of the weekend. He was delighted when it turned up! Everyone we send cards to thinks they’re amazing. Fantastic quality and speedy delivery. We love them. “

A thoughtful thanks

Emma and Laura met about 8 years ago when they would both go swimming on Fridays at Icebergs in Bondi Beach (even in winter!). After Emma moved to Perth, Laura went back to visit.

“She cooked a delicious meal for us and so I sent the TouchNote to say thank you. She was ridiculously happy, a little nostalgic, and mighty impressed that a mum-of-a-newborn found time to do it! My husband and I had a daughter earlier this year and we want her to grow up to be kind. We realised that the best way to do that was to be kind ourselves. So every night before dinner we talk about acts of kindness that we did that day. I often send a TouchNote card as a way of being kind – to friends, family or even random people. “

A classic holiday postcard

Jamie and his girlfriend are off an adventure, travelling around the world for a year and using TouchNote to send photos to their grandmothers back home.

“This particular one is of us skiing in the South Island of New Zealand. We sent it to my girlfriend’s Nana back in Ireland. She loves getting the cards and shows them off to her friends! We’ll definitely continue using TouchNote – it takes away the time of picking a postcard, buying stamps and finding a post office. And we get to use our own photos!”

A big thanks to all the wonderful TouchNoters for letting us share their cards with you.

Got a postcard story to tell? Let us know in the comments below or email

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