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The best beach destinations

There are so many wonderful beach destinations to choose from, and trying to decide where to go this summer is a mammoth task. Finding the best beaches is even more difficult, and choosing just one to visit, out of every country on earth, can feel impossible.

With so much choice, we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best beach destinations. With this guide, you’ll know exactly which beaches are worth going to, and which ones will look the best as postcards.


When it comes to Spain, you really are spoilt for choice. On the western coast you’ve got beaches backed onto the Atlantic ocean, while on the east coast, they bask in the heat of the Mediterranean Sea. Then there’s the Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, supporting stunning sheltered coves, and white sand beaches.

The destinations and beaches that make for the best instagram posts and personalized postcard pictures, include Cala Agulla in Mallorca, and Tossa de Mar in Costa Brava. Cala Agulla features beautiful white sand, bright blue water, and is surrounded by pine forests, mountains and dunes. Tossa de Mar on the other hand, has gorgeous golden beaches under the watchful eye of a 12th century castle, Castillo de Tossa de Mar.

Either location offers plenty of picture opportunities, so point your camera in any direction and you’ll soon have a postcard-worthy snap


Australia is absolutely enormous, and features some of the best beaches in the world. The east coast beaches usually rank in top ten lists, but the west coast is often overlooked partly due to its inaccessibility. Due to its size, you’ll find a diverse selection of beaches to choose from, so we’ll focus on the most unique looking one.  

Emerald forests, turquoise waters, and powdery white silica make up Whitehaven Beach, found on Whitsunday Island off the coast of Queensland. Accessible only by boat, seaplane, or helicopter, and part of Whitsunday National Park, this beach is completely unspoiled, despite being a popular spot. A perfect postcard beach, it offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience and will make anyone back home wish they were there. 


With overwater beach huts built onto the seabed itself, you won’t be far from a beach when visiting the Maldives. And with so many islands to choose from, you’ll want to know which ones have the very best beaches. 

Cocoa Island is home to crystal clear waters and shining white beaches. Bring an underwater camera, grab some scuba gear, and take a once in a lifetime picture of the live coral reefs. Perfect for use on a personalized postcard. 

On the other hand, Landaa Giraavaru rewards visitors that stay dry. Its long sandy beach gives you an alluring glimpse of the distant horizon. From this vantage point, you’ll spot sea turtles, manta rays, and all lots of other sea life. 


Railay Beach is the star of Thailand. Accessible only by boat, due to the limestone cliffs that overlook the beach, you’ll be amazed by the turquoise waters and golden sand as you make your journey there. Looming above the beach, the limestone cliffs are a popular destination for rock climbers. So if that’s your vibe, then you’ll be taking pictures from breathtaking angles capturing the entire peninsula. 

Sunset beach, to the far south of Railay beach, is one of the quieter beaches on the island of Koh Lipe which is a center of tourism. It offers unparalleled views of the sunset, which it’s named after, as the sun paints the sky an idyllic purply red. Wait for this moment to take a picture, and add it to a personalized postcard to let everyone know what they’re missing. 


The USA has some of the most diverse landscapes and climates in the world, and its beaches are no different. Clearwater Beach in Florida looks out onto the Gulf of Mexico, and gives you a long stretch of soft, white sand. You’ll see jetskis whizzing past, parasailers flying by, and paddle boarders meandering down the coast. Make sure you take plenty of action shots of all the different activities.

Compared to the serene waves and calm waters of Clearwater Beach, Moshup Beach in Massachusetts demonstrates the beautiful power of the ocean. Crashing waves and smooth rocks make for the perfect picnic destination, and the overlooking cliffs make for amazing vantage points for the perfect postcard photos


Pink Sands Beach is found on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, and truly is a once-in-a-lifetime spot. The sand is actually made up of the shells of a red shelled marine animal, giving the beach its unique pink color. It really is a one-of-a-kind spot and along with the warm Caribbean waters, it’s a beautiful place to spend the entire day. 

The photos you take of this unique beach will make for the perfect personalized postcard. For a more traditional Caribbean island feel, you’ll want to head to Trunk Bay in the US Virgin Islands. Brilliant green foliage creeps right up the the edge of the island where a long thin strip of white sand meets with the crystal blue waters. 


For one of the best beaches in Italy, leave the mainland, and head for the island of Sardinia. La Pelosa beach is picture perfect, with white sand, and shallow turquoise waters that will let you walk out, ankle-deep, for meters. Thanks to an islet acting as a natural barrier, the water is always calm. The islet itself is home to a stone tower that dates back to 1578, and makes for a wonderful photo opportunity. 

If the mainland is more your style, then San Fruttuoso in Liguria has a beach overlooked by San Fruttuoso Abbey, a building that dates back to the Medieval period. Accessible only by a steep footpath, your friends and family will love to receive a postcard dedicated to this distinctive beach. 


Striking white cliffs and a real life shipwreck makes Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos one of the best beaches in Greece. Accessible only by sea, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the wreckage of the MV Panagiotis, a ship that was stranded on the exposed cove in the 80s. 

Snapping a photo of this unique spot will have you feeling like a real life pirate. With Touchnote’s personalized cards, you’ll be able to share this rare sight with your friends and family.

Heading to western Santorini, you’ll be met with another rare sight, Kokkini Beach. It is backed by rust and fire colored cliffs which make for an amazing contrast against the crystal blue waters. Make sure you pack some sturdy shoes if you want to make the trip down. 


Home to the largest concentration of whale sharks on the planet, Playa Norte, on Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo, is the perfect spot to capture underwater photos. The crushed coral beach is a great setting off point for scuba divers who will be able to witness some unforgettable sights of the largest sharks in the world. 

For wild landscapes, colorful flowers, and white beaches, Costa Alegre in Jalisco is your next destination. Home to numerous beaches of varying sizes and landscapes, you’ll be able to find one that matches your needs and makes for the perfect spot to relax. 

United Kingdom 

The UK is home to some very diverse beaches. Most are hidden gems which are only known to the locals and they make for amazing spots to get off the beaten path. Others, like Bournemouth Beach, see thousands of visitors every year from all around the country and have done so since the 19th century.  

Kynance Cove in Helston is perfect if you’re looking for a hidden gem. It’s tucked away beneath the hilly terrain with jutting rock stacks, deep blue waters, and pebble and sand beaches making up the spot. In low tide, the beach connects to a small island called Asparagus Island, which makes for the perfect vantage point to take photos of the cove. 

For surfers, Fistral Beach on the north coast of Cornwall features sand dunes, golden sand, and wavy waters. You’ll be able to send postcards back showing off the world class surfers you got the chance to watch. 

Send personalised postcards from your favourite beach spots with TouchNote

With Touchnote’s personalized postcards, you’ll be able to send a memory back to your friends and family no matter where they are in the world. Let them know that wherever you are, and whatever sights you’re seeing, you’re always thinking of them. 

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