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10 ideas for beautiful Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is nearly here! And with our new designs you can easily create a personalised card that’s just as unique as Mum herself.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite card ideas to give you some inspiration! So whether you’re helping a little one send their card, or creating something for your own mum, you can use your photos to show her just how much she’s appreciated.

1. Fashion fun

Mums are a really big influence on us, and we all know kids love to dress up. What better excuse to raid Mum’s closet than to take a cute photo for her card!

2. Show off their arty side

Raising the next Van Gogh or Picasso? Photograph their magnificent artwork and get it printed on a glossy card for Mum!

3. Then and now

We’ve seen a lot of cool collections around the internet where grown-up children have recreated an old photograph. Pop yours onto a card and give Mum a blast from the past!

4. Remember this?

Tug on Mum’s heart strings with a photograph from a special milestone you’ve shared together, whether it’s a phenomenal trip, graduation, prom, or a wedding!

5. Spell it out

This looks very sophisticated, but it’s super easy to create! Grab a chalkboard or even just some pens and paper and take some snaps with your message written out!

6. From a fuzzy friend

There are lots of different kinds of mums out there! If you know some children of the furry variety, help them send a pawesome card this Mother’s Day!

7. Get inventive

Show off your creative side! You can experiment with taking photos at new angles and different perspectives, or try shooting in an unusual location!

8. A play on words 

Make Mum laugh with a good, old-fashioned pun! Why not ‘I love you a bunch’ with a bunch of flowers? Or ‘There’s no one sweeter than you’ with a box of chocolates?

9. A family collage

Getting all the family members into one photo can sometimes be a bit difficult, but you can always use individual photos of your youngsters on one card!

10. It’s half term!

Whether you’ve been home or away, use your favourite snaps from the half term holiday to make Mum’s day.


Try out your photos with our beautiful card designs, now available in our updated apps or at

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