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6 stunning holiday postcards

There are lots of reasons why we love sending holiday postcards. For some it’s a time-honoured tradition. For others the getaway can be so breathtaking you just have to share it with someone else. Or maybe you just miss someone back at home and want to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Each holiday postcard has a little adventure behind it. Take a look at how Katie redefined the term ‘air-mail’, why Rebecca’s holiday gave her a lump in her throat, Lisa’s epic journey, and the amazing reasons why we love to send a little something home.

How Katie redefined the term ‘air-mail’

Touchnote makes it super easy to send postcards from anywhere to anywhere in the world, without the restrictions of finding stamps or post boxes. Katie’s card really took that whole concept to the max!

‘I love travelling and sharing my experiences with friends and family. I’ve sent Touchnote cards from all over, however I’ve never sent one quite like this before.

I went to Hawaii with my aunt Dori as a little girls trip. The whole time leading up to the trip we were thinking: “We have to do a helicopter tour!”’

The pilot encouraged Katie to FaceTime her loved ones during the flight, but she felt like doing something a little different.

‘I’ve never been one to do what everyone else does – what’s cooler than sending a postcard from the sky? I sent it to my aunt Dori’s sister, Pam. We’re all very close but she couldn’t come with us on the trip. I wanted her to feel like she did in a way. What better way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ than in the middle of a helicopter ride over Hawaii?’

Surf’s up for Elizabeth’s kids! 

We were instantly drawn to the gorgeous sunny snap on Elizabeth’s postcard. You could be fooled into thinking it was taken somewhere in Oz or California – but it’s actually Cornwall! It goes to show that you don’t have to go abroad to have a real getaway.

‘Holidays in England can be lots of fun! My surfing ninjas card went to lots of friends and family. They love getting photos straightaway, particularly when so few people print their photos out any more.’

Elizabeth felt this photo perfectly summed up her holiday.

‘The best part was when all of us were simultaneously body-boarding on the Cornish coast. The weather wasn’t great and the wetsuits were essential. But, when the sun broke through as we landed back on the beach, there was a rush of people, boards, and lots and lots of salt water!

I’ve also sent cards from more far flung travels, where the post can be less reliable. It’s always great to know that the cards are guaranteed to get home.’

The sight that took Rebecca’s breath away

Seeing the Northern Lights is certainly on the bucket list of many individuals, but few ever get to catch a glimpse of this rare and elusive natural phenomenon.

Rebecca, however, was incredibly lucky to experience them whilst on a photography tour of Norway.

‘It’s hard to describe what it’s like seeing the Northern Lights, obviously it’s amazing and brings a lump to the back of your throat. Words and pictures just can’t describe or capture their beauty. Photos capture the stillness and colours but in reality they dance across the sky beautifully.’

Rebecca was on a placement at a Finnish hospital as a student nurse, and visiting Tromsø, Norway was a spontaneous decision.

‘I hired a car and booked in at a ‘bed and waffles’ – there was a waffle maker in the room, it was amazing. I ate waffles for every meal!’

Despite being miles away on her Scandinavian adventure, Rebecca sent this particular card to her best friend, to let her know she was still thinking of her.

‘She’d just had a personal best marathon time and needed a reward for being awesome.’

The secret Harry shared with his little niece

We don’t often see card recipients as young as Harry’s 9-month-old niece! He sends her a postcard from every holiday he takes, writing the message in both English and the language of the country he is staying in. You gotta start ‘em young!

But the last card Harry sent from a holiday was extra special. The collection of photos told the story of how he proposed to his girlfriend.

‘I didn’t tell any of my family – they will only find out when my 9-month-old niece receives her postcard!

Our next trip will be to Poland later on this year, so she’ll have another card to add to her collection. Hopefully when she’s old enough to read she will have a nice big pile to read.’

Lisa’s journey across the planet

Never have we heard a story that made us want to get out and explore more than Lisa’s tale. For the past 2.5 years, she’s been on a holiday and a half, turning in her stable job and a cottage in the country for a motorcycle and the open road. She’s currently 45,000 miles into her journey from Argentina to Alaska.

‘This particular image is of me overlooking the Cordillera Blanca in Huascaran National Park, Peru. Two-wheeled travel finds you free from walls and windows, which leaves you vulnerable—it paves the way towards spontaneity. In the saddle, you’re as free to let your mind wander as your wheels are to roam.’

During her time traversing the Americas, Lisa has found her time spent with people from all walks of life, and experiencing different lifestyles, to be some of the biggest appeals from the trip.

‘I am loving every empowered minute of it. I guess it’s one of those holidays that has had such a life-changing impact, it’s taught me to love the life you live and foremost, live the life you love.’

‘I sent this card to my family back home. I think they thought I’d fall off too many times for comfort and come home after 3 months tops! I’ve also sent cards to the fantastic folks around the globe that selflessly host us on the road, perform selfless acts like volunteer to pay for a camping pitch, or gift us random items such as a piece of wild caught Alaskan salmon.’

Lisa says using Touchnote helped to revive her childhood urge to send postcards.

‘There’s a thoughtfulness attached to a tangible card, which is something you’ll never quite achieve with a virtual one. It’s nice to say hello from any corner of the world, speedily, in a cheap, meaningful and unique way.‘

Margaret’s Italian escape

Margaret spends most of her time living in Australia, but makes frequent trips out to the gorgeous green countryside of Le Marche, Italy.

‘We have a villa which we restored about ten years ago. Everyone knows of Tuscany and Umbria but Le Marche is not so well known. It’s a really lovely area and not as tourist-y as other parts of Italy.’

Whilst spending around 2 months out at her villa, Margaret used postcards to stay in touch with her 102-year-old mother.

‘It has helped her cope with me being on the other side of the world for so long.’

Don’t forget, no matter where in the world you’re posting to or from, free international delivery is included with every postcard.

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