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How to: Add a BFPO address to a TouchNote order

If you’re sending a TouchNote order to a BFPO (British Forces Post Office) address, first make sure you’ve read all the UK Government’s advice here about sending mail to a BFPO address. Then, here’s what you need to pop into the TouchNote address form when sending to service personnel.

Please note this is for BFPO addresses only.

In ‘Address name’ field:
Enter the Service number, Rank and Name

In ‘First line’ field:
Enter the Company

Leave the ‘Second line’ field blank.

In ‘Town or City’ field:
Enter the Regiment

Leave the ‘County’ field blank.

In the ‘Postcode’ field:
Enter the BFPO Postcode (e.g.: BF1 0AB). To find the correct postcode, please see the UK Government’s latest publications of BFPO locations here.

Select United Kingdom from the country list.

That’s it! Remember, if you need a hand with anything, you can email us anytime at

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