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Moments throughout the year to send gifts to mom

It’s a fact of life that there’s never a wrong moment to send your mom a thoughtful gift. Even if she’s the type to insist that she’s happy without a gift, there’s never any harm in showering her with a bit of extra love.

The finest gifts for moms make them feel recognised and understood. Whether for a special occasion or out of the blue, doing your research on what she loves best is essential to finding the perfect gift. 

You don’t even have to break the bank. At TouchNote, your imagination makes all the difference, so even if Mom hasn’t dropped any hints recently, you can still find something unusual and sure to delight.

Big Occasions Gifts For Mom

There’s no denying that your mom deserves the best. 

Finding a way to show how much she means to you can be tricky. Sometimes you want to go the extra mile, instead of sending yet another text message. 

If you’re unsure where to start, try to buy a gift that aligns with a significant occasion in your mom’s life. From new beginnings to celebrating memories, TouchNote has the most fabulous presents and cards for your mom available on the internet.

New Home

If your mom has recently moved, a well-chosen housewarming present will help her new house become a home. 

Our advice? Choose a present that will help her settle in, such as our Satin Sleep Pillow Case, Eye Mask and Scrunchie Set. Or, help her new home smell gorgeous with a scent she loves.

New Job

If your mom has got a new job or a well-earned promotion, you’ll want to congratulate her with a gift – perhaps something sweet to wish her the best.

You’ll want something that shows how proud you are and lets her know you believe in her. Help her stay hyper-organized and crush the first week at work with a Perpetual Planner.


Finding a gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary is tough. You have to please two people now!

Remember: the finest anniversary presents are thoughtful, personal, and have a hint of nostalgia to transport them into a world of happy memories. Filling a picture frame with old photos of your parents is bound to make their day. 

Everyday Moments Gifts for Mom

Moms deserve gifts all year round. From big gestures to small reminders that let her know you’re thinking about her, she’ll appreciate any present you’ve put thought into. 

Keep an eye out! Moms may appear tough and not ask for anything. But deep down, there’s always something great you can get her that will make her happy. 

So, why not give that extra burst of joy to a personalized card by pairing it with one of our stunning hand-picked bouquets?

Get Well Soon

Getting sick happens to the best of us, even your mom. The pandemic has shown us how important each day can be. Show your mom how much you care by sending more than a quick text message. If you’ve ever received a get well gift, you’ll understand how much it’s cherished. 

If your mom isn’t feeling her best, mixing our Warm and Cozy Bundle with a personalized card is the best medicine available. 

Thinking of You

No matter the day, month, or season, it’s important to show your mom that you are thinking about her. It’s vital to reach out to her if she’s lost loved ones or has a difficult period. If you can’t be there to comfort her, sending a Wish I Were There Bundle is the best substitute.

To Treat Herself

In the modern world, worry and anxiety affect everyone, even your mom. We’ve begun to realize how vital a solid self-care regimen is to improve our mental health. Encourage your mom to treat herself kindly with our Celestine & Beauty Pro Under Eye Masks or the Handsome Hands Manicure Kit.

Types of Gifts for Mom

There are so many gifts to choose from. It can be hard to know where to start. If you’re struggling to choose, you can’t go wrong with one of the big three gift types: chocolate, flowers, and self-care gifts like candles and luxury bath products.


Moms constantly put others first, whether by cleaning, cooking, or caring – she’s always got your back. Premium Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates will remind her to take a breath and appreciate herself, even if only for a moment.


Nothing shows your love more than gifting her favorite flowers. TouchNote has made flower delivery super simple – pick the bouquet your mom will love, schedule a delivery date, and have it delivered effortlessly through her letterbox

Self-Care Gifts

Helping your mom pause and appreciate herself is the best gift money can buy. Whether it’s with our Ultimate Relaxation Bundle, Manifest It All Pamper Kit, or Amethyst & Face Roller Set, there are endless gifts to help your mom unwind and show herself some TLC.

Send Cards for Mom with TouchNote

Pairing any gift with a personalized card will help remind your mom you love and think about her. With TouchNote, sending a great card is easy – with quick international delivery and endless ways to personalize them, showing your mom you love her has never been simpler.

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