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Keep it in the family, with Family Plans

You can now send even more TouchNote cards, for less. With our new family plans, keep all your cards under one roof –– one plan, and one payment. Staying close to your loved ones has never been simpler! It’s for those times you’ve sent a card to mum only to receive a text in return, or those rare occasions the kids forget to buy grandma a birthday card (not as rare as we’d like). It’s a way for you and yours to keep a good thing going, so you can all look forward to receiving cards, as well as sending them.

But it’s more than that. It’s up to you who joins your Family Plan, your ‘family’ is whoever you want it to be.

You don’t have to live in the same household, and you don’t have to share the same family tree. It’s a plan for anyone who wants to message with a little more meaning, between those they love, wherever you find yourselves. And don’t worry, all your cards will remain a surprise — only you can see what you’re sending.

How many cards can I send?

You’ll be able to share 8 cards a month with up to 3 other people.

How much will I save?

You can save up to 40% compared to 4 separate individual plans. With savings like that, it’s a no-brainer.

How long do I have to use my cards?

You don’t have to send your cards right away. They’ll be available for up to 6 months, so you can save some for when the time is right.

What are the other perks included?

You’ll have access to all of our memberships features: all of our artwork, stickers, stamps. So you can really let your imagination fly!

What if I want to send more than the maximum amount of cards?

You’ll receive discounts on any extra cards you want to send over your monthly limit.

What if I need to cancel or change my plan?

No strings attached. You can cancel anytime! As the plan owner you can swap members of your plan any time you like — so you can resend and cancel invites, as well as remove and add members if you want to.

TouchNote / July 2020
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