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Have you got Oodles of Doodles from lockdown?

Would you like to see your artwork in the TouchNote app? We’re excited to announce our new Oodles of Doodles competition so you can do just that! With prizes to be won, of course. Read on and we’ll explain how…

Throughout lockdown, parents took on a multitude of new skills and hobbies. With so much time to spare, it was an opportunity to get creative. First, there was the banana bread. Next came the home workouts. And it wasn’t just the parents, the kids got in on the action too.

Children all over were channeling their inner Monet, using up all the printer paper and painting rainbows for the living room window.

Lockdown measures may be easing around the world, but classrooms won’t reopen until September. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We present to you, Oodles of Doodles — the chance for all the families out there who’ve filled up the fridge to reflect on all the great creative progress made in quarantine.

Now’s your chance to have your artwork featured in the app, so TouchNote users all the way from Manchester to Miami can hold your artwork in their hands. And quite possibly, stick it on their fridge too!

An entry from Harrison, age 4


How do I enter?

All you have to do is send your artwork to us via this email address:

Or alternatively, send it to us via DM on Instagram!

How many drawings can I submit?

You can submit as many as you like!

What will I win?

Not only will you have the chance to see your artwork go global — available to all our users to send as a card — you’ll also win £50 for anyone who’s artwork goes in the app. We’ll also be dishing out free TouchNote credits so you can send your art as cards to family and friends.

When will the winners be announced?

Our winners will be announced on the 26th July

How are winners being selected?

We are proud to be working with @relateabledoodles as our competition judge, who will be handpicking the winners

When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions is 25th July.

Enter now!

An entry from Harrison, age 4

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