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Seven stories behind framed photos

No matter the photo or the recipient, each framed photo sent with Touchnote has a tale to tell.

Find out why Farid’s little boy was wearing a graduation gown, why Anca’s beautiful wedding photo has even more meaning than most, and how other treasured photos are now brightening homes.

We could instantly see why Anca would want to frame such a beautiful wedding photo, but the meaning behind it ran much deeper.

Shortly before Anca’s magical Tuscany wedding, her mum was diagnosed with cancer, and could not attend the ceremony. Anca was devastated, but just over a year later, she held a second wedding in her childhood church, so her mum could see her walk down the aisle.

“She also met our 8-month-old daughter for the first time, making the day even more special. I treasure this photo very dearly, so I had it framed for our home.” Anca even sent framed photos of the wedding to her mum. “They are really good quality and the best thing is that I could do it all from my phone in seconds.”

Simon’s photograph was taken in front of an iconic view during his family holiday to Australia. Whilst he sent many postcards from Sydney, he felt this photo should be shared in a different way.

“I thought that it would be a nice surprise to frame the picture. So often we take lots of pictures but rarely print them.” Simon sent this super snap of his kids as an unexpected gift to their grandparents.

We were delighted to see Stephane’s framed photo sitting proudly alongside a beautiful wedding photo. It was a gift for his wife, with a photo of him and his two children, Mathieu and Mathilde, coming home from school.

“I chose to frame it as it shows me and my two kids united by love. It was really easy to make the frame and quick to send.”

Jack captured this photo of his girlfriend during a chilly morning walk through Central Park.

“That morning was one of the highlights of our trip to NYC, so I sent the photo to her as a lasting reminder of the wonderful times we shared there.”

Jack’s frame now hangs on his girlfriend’s wall amongst her collection of framed photos and artworks. “The simple black frame fitted in perfectly with the rest of the decor!”

Farid wanted to frame this photo of a very proud moment – his little boy ‘graduating’ from pre-school to Big School!

“His school made special provision for autistic children, and they’d worked really hard to prepare him for a ‘normal’ school. He didn’t really understand why everyone was so emotional about it. Every week he asks if he can go back to his happy school.”

Farid was really pleased with how his framed photo turned out. “I’ve framed photos in the past and it’s a real hassle. I can never find frames the same size as my photos, and always end up cutting the bottom off my pictures with scissors – but I ordered this one in minutes. The frame was simple and didn’t distract or detract from the photo.”

“This is my wonderful little nephew,” Michael told us. “It’s my favourite photo of him, and I’ve sent a least two postcards of the photo already to my sister and parents. Then I realised I didn’t have a print myself!” Michael decided it was about time he frame a copy to keep for himself. “I was really pleased how quickly it arrived. And now he’s nicely framed, I can see that joyful little face every day!”

This stunning scenery from a very unusual town adorns a bookcase in Holly’s home. “I like to have little momentos around my house to brighten the place up, so I used Touchnote to order some framed photos.”
This riverside commune is Pont-en-Royans in France “We discovered it completely by accident whilst driving around the countryside. The buildings jutted out from the cliff face and over the river! I loved the town and the photo so much, and I wanted to frame it as a reminder of my wonderful holiday.”

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TouchNote / February 2017
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