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Why chocolate is always the perfect gift

People say it’s hard to find the perfect present. At TouchNote, we don’t think that’s true. Nothing says “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you” better than a gift of delectable chocolates. 

Why? Chocolate is the one gift that expresses love and delight in every bite. People enjoy it worldwide – it’s the universal language of love and sweetness, no matter where you are.

Plus, seeing your loved one’s face light up as they open your gift and are greeted with the indulgent aroma of cocoa filling the air is an experience that’s hard to beat.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more affordable luxury than chocolate. No matter your budget, come and find the ideal chocolate gift for someone special. 

Reasons to Love Chocolate as a Gift

Chocolate has the incredible ability to bring comfort, warmth and delight, regardless of the occasion. From cuddling up with TouchNote’s Hot Chocolate & Mug on a cold day to receiving a “thinking of you” chocolate box when you’re feeling blue, there’s something about this delectable, indulgent treat that makes us feel loved.

Just a few more reasons people love chocolate gifts:

  • Chocolate is adored by all. Everyone has a favorite flavor and type of chocolate, so you can always satisfy their taste buds.

  • Chocolate is reasonably priced. There’s no need to sacrifice quality – there are high-quality selections that won’t break the bank.

  • People enjoy chocolate in a variety of ways. It can be consumed as a snack, mixed into coffee or tea, or used in baking.

  • It’s a great choice if you want to gift something special while giving you and your loved one a bit more bang for your buck. 

No matter the occasion, from a special birthday or anniversary, to saying a simple thank you chocolates are the ideal gift.

A Chocolate for Every Taste Bud

Chocolate is versatile. It appeals to every taste with various flavors, textures, and combinations. Whether the receiver has a sweet tooth or a sophisticated palate, there is a chocolate for them. 

Dark chocolate is a wonderfully sophisticated gift as it transports the taster to a world of rich, complex, and delicious cocoa flavors. Plus, all those yummy antioxidants in dark chocolate mean it actually promotes heart health too.

White chocolate is an ideal present for individuals who love a sweeter, milkier, and creamier taste. Its light nature won’t make your loved ones nauseous – so it’s ideal for individuals who can manage a chocolate bar in one sitting.

If you want to give a more personalized chocolate gift, send them their favorite variety with TouchNote, whether it’s dark chocolate or white chocolate.

An Option for Every Occasion

Chocolate is a traditional and timeless present. It can be given at any time of year and for any event, such as:

  • Easter – we suggest Ghirardelli’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies and Easter Milk Chocolate Bunny.

  • Valentine’s Day – you can’t go wrong with an edible bouquet of Madelaine Milk Chocolate Foiled Pink Roses.

  • Pregnancy Celebration – nothing shows your excitement more than our Congratulations Chocolate Card + Belly Balm.

  • Everyday occasions – let’s face it, no self-respecting chocolate lover limits their intake to just three times a year. Sending chocolates makes any day a special occasion. 

If you have an extra special occasion, truffles are a must. From the stylish cocoa dusting to the rich center, sending luxury chocolate truffles with TouchNote adds a sophisticated touch. 

Is your loved one not a fan of truffles? Offer them the exquisite gift of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates instead.

Or are you looking for a more laid-back chocolate present? All chocolate gifts don’t have to be solid. TouchNote’s Ultimate Hot Chocolate Bundle will brighten someone’s week (or month, or year, depending on how much hot chocolate is included).

A Great Option for Every Loved One

Chocolate is ideal for all loved ones because it can be savored in various ways.

Do you have…

  • A sibling who devours mountains of chocolate, bars at a time?

  • A classy grandmother who enjoys it in her coffee or tea? (The Grandma Loves You. board book & Sugarfina Chocolate Bars should be your go-to present).

  • Or a mother who likes to experiment with chocolate in the kitchen? Chocolate presents never fail to wow, whether they are used in baking recipes or as a topping for ice cream.

Whatever way your loved one enjoys chocolate, it is the perfect gift for a romantic occasion, a small thank you, or to send throughout the year.

Great for Sending Far and Wide

There are numerous reasons why chocolate is an excellent choice for sending far and wide. 

Its deliciousness will be sure to please everyone, its versatility means people use it in various ways, and the fact that it is easy to transport means it can be given wherever there is room for love (or chocolate).

Pair the chocolate with a personalized photo card that will make your gift unforgettable, even after being eaten.

Send chocolate gifts with TouchNote 

Sending chocolate gifts has never been easier than with TouchNote. We delicately package your gifts to ensure they arrive safe and sound anywhere in the world. 

Don’t let those delectable chocolates leave a bitter taste in your loved one’s mouth before they’ve even had a chance to taste them. TouchNote’s letterbox chocolates eliminate the need for your loved one to answer the door to the postman, allowing them to continue about their day without having to wait for a delivery.

From Pink Chocolate Roses to Red Chocolate Roses, bring the joy of chocolate to someone special today.

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