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Creating the best Thanksgiving photo card

Send a personally designed and unique Thanksgiving card to your family, friends and colleagues, and show them just how thankful you are to have them in your life.

You may decide on a single photo that says it all, or a few different images that capture the Thanksgiving spirit. It could be a family portrait of parents, kids, grandparents, and relatives of all generations; a much loved family pet; an artistic study of some stunning fall scenery; or something else entirely. The choice is yours, but hopefully, we can give you some ideas to inspire the perfect and most striking Halloween card design for you.

Why do we send Thanksgiving cards?

Thanksgiving is a good time to look back over the year that’s coming to an end. And sending a photo card is the ideal opportunity to send good wishes, show your appreciation and to thank all the people around you who work to make your life happy and fulfilled. A Thanksgiving card shows everyone you care about how thankful you are to have them in your life.

It is a once a year opportunity to show how much you appreciate all your friends and family. Plus, a Thanksgiving card in their mailbox is an unexpected surprise that is guaranteed to catch someone’s attention, as they arrive weeks before the piles of Christmas cards.

And a real bonus is that Thanksgiving cards can be displayed all the way through the holiday season, crossing one more task off your Christmas to do list, and helping reduce the stress of everything else you need to get done before 25 December.

This time of year is also a fantastic opportunity to send cards to friends and colleagues who may not celebrate Christmas – Thanksgiving is often said to be the most inclusive holiday in the US.

How to create the best card

Once you have decided to send a Thanksgiving card you can begin to have some fun. Check out all your favorite pictures from over the year or decide to take a new photo of the family, yourself, friends or pets. You may even want to wander in your neighborhood and capture some of the vibrant and colorful Autumn scenery.

The main photo, a good design and a thoughtful message are the three elements to keep in mind on your quest to create the very best card. Give careful thought to how you want your card to look and decide what you want it to say. 

The cards that stand out the most are always those that really express your own unique identity and character in their design.

Choosing the best picture

One of the most rewarding parts of creating your unique card is deciding which photo to upload and use.

A fabulous picture (or pictures) is at the heart of a unique Thanksgiving card and that could be of family, friends, beautiful red and gold trees or leaves in the fall, a much loved pet or something quite abstract. The picture you choose should weave your Thanksgiving story together and say everything that you want it to say. 

And don’t forget the all-important practicalities: make sure that the photo you choose is good quality so that your card looks really sharp, and double check that the size and shape of your image is a good fit for your photo card so that nothing major has to be chopped off. 

Now all you have to do is choose that perfect photo and get started on the best Thanksgiving card you’ve ever sent.

A photo of the family

A photo of the family is always a firm favorite for a Thanksgiving card, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You could relive an amazing family holiday or emotional reunion; you could take a new photo of the family showing the general mayhem of day to day life or a more formal portrait; or maybe something completely unconventional and humorous. 

Try to capture a moment in time that has real meaning to your family and create warm memories that will last forever.

A photo of your furry pals

If a Thanksgiving card displaying your furry (or possibly feathered) members of the family is more to your taste, there are plenty of photo options here. Animals make great subjects – they are active, humorous, happy, loving, and the scope for an awesome pic is unlimited.

If your furry friend is OK with it, you could dress them for the photo shoot. Dogs (as well as some very patient cats), can be quite happy to dress up in costumes, hats or sunglasses. You could even create some backdrops that will incorporate the Thanksgiving spirit.

Dogs make great photo-worthy moments in the outdoors, streaking through piles of leaves and jumping around to chase sticks and toys. Although a photo relaxing at home with the family around can look just as amazing and show how precious they are to you.

A picture of what you’re thankful for

What’s happened during your year – what are you especially grateful for in your family? Perhaps it was a graduation, or a fabulous wedding, a baptism, the birth of a new member of the family, a reunion with a relative who lives far away or something else entirely.

Whatever you’re thankful for, a Thanksgiving card memorializing the event will have special meaning to every member of the family.

A photo of the season

Fall is such a colorful and exciting season, providing a mass of different opportunities for some amazing photography. So release your inner photographer and start looking for scenes and locations that inspire your unique and awesome Thanksgiving card.

The reds, golds and yellows of the changing foliage, Autumn sun streaming through the branches of trees, and extraordinarily beautiful sunsets. Or choose crisp frosty mornings, piles of leaves, or the family bundled up for a walk in the countryside or local park. They all make ideal subjects for a Thanksgiving photo.

Give your Thanksgiving card a TouchNote twist

Once you’ve chosen the perfect photo for your Thanksgiving card, why not make it truly unique with a TouchNote frame? Or use one of TouchNote’s distinctive designs and add a quirky sticker. 

Add a touch of luxury with Fall frames

Frames are a great way to add an element of luxury to your photo card and TouchNote has a comprehensive Fall selection that will not only complement but truly enhance your personally-designed Thanksgiving card.

Sweet designs

TouchNote has a unique collection of designs to add to your photo cards – choose from cute and funny, sweet, traditional, classic and many more. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your stand-out Thanksgiving card.

A message of thanks

A Thanksgiving message is the perfect way to finish your card, so why not take a leaf out of our book and check out our blog on writing the perfect Thanksgiving card message?

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Share those special everyday moments from the past year and create a lasting memory for your family and friends. Design a one-off, stand-out and truly unique Thanksgiving card to show your loved ones just how thankful you are to have them in your life.

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