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How Team TouchNote are traveling in 2022

Summer is a busy time in the TouchNote office – a combination of working hard and relaxing hard on vacation. With everyone being able to travel more freely this summer, our team are eager to see the four corners of the world. We’re making sure to capture every memorable moment, and share our memories on personalized postcards to pay tribute to the good times had by all.

We looked into your travel habits to understand how you see the world and what you do when you’re abroad, so we thought we’d do the same. Here is how Team TouchNote like to travel:

Send postcards with TouchNote this summer

You’ve captured the perfect holiday snap and now you want to share it with those who matter most. With TouchNote, it’s effortless to show off your travels by sending a highly customizable and memorable postcard delivered promptly worldwide.

You can ensure each postcard you send is uniquely designed for whoever receives it. Best of all? No need to go to the post office. We’ll send your TouchNote postcard, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

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