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How to write a religious Christmas card

Over 2 billion people from 160 different countries celebrate Christmas every single year. In the United States, 9 in 10 people celebrate the holiday – even if they are not religious in any way. The majority celebrate Christmas as a cultural holiday, but it’s important to not forget those who celebrate it as a religious one.

Christians view Christmas as a special time of year as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. December 25th has become a very commercialized holiday so it’s easy to forget its religious roots. It’s crucial to remember the meaning of Christmas and to show your support to those celebrating it as a religious holiday.

One simple way to restore its meaning is to send a Christmas card with a Christian message or verse in there. Use these examples to help come up with the wording for the perfect religious Christmas card.

For Those Who Are Religious

Christmas is a religious festival for billions around the world, so don’t be afraid to include religious messaging in your cards. If they’re a Christian or a person of faith, they will appreciate the thought behind a religious message.

  • “Blessings to you this holiday season”

  • “I send peace, love and prayers to your family this Christmas”

  • “Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Wishing you a very blessed Christmas from our family to yours”

  • “May our Lord endow you with good health, happiness and success this Christmas”

  • “Merry Christmas! May our God’s love be with you”

  • “Christ is born! Have a Christmas full of love and prayers.

  • “Count your blessings one by one and see what God has done! Merry Christmas!”

  • “Our Lord loves you, and I do too. I pray that you feel loved this Christmas.”

  • “God gave his greatest gift to us on that first Christmas Day and he has continued to bless us ever since.”

  • “I have only one wish, and it’s that we continue to rejoice and celebrate the birth and sacrifice of our savior until next Christmas.”

For Those Who Aren’t Religious

As we mentioned in our intro, a large percentage of people celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday instead of a religious holiday. There are plenty of ways to include non-religious messaging while sticking to Christmas traditions in your Christmas cards.

  • “Here’s to drinking too much, eating too much, and doing very little this holiday season”

  • “Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year ahead”

  • “Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas”

  • “May your holiday season be filled with love, laughter and too many gifts”

  • “Tis the season to be jolly!”

  • “I hope this festive season brings you joy and wonderful things”

  • “You do not need to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas because this holiday season is for everyone. Merry Christmas!”

  • “Sharing the holiday season together is the greatest gift of all”

  • “May the lights of the season bring you warmth and joy”

  • “Christmas isn’t about what you receive – it’s about the love you give. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you”

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