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Valentine’s Day Wrapped : Love Lessons From TouchNote

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate, red roses, and corny poems to send to your significant other. But have you ever been curious about how others celebrate Valentine’s Day? Who do they send to? what they’re sending? and when they’re sending? Well, we did some digging into the habits of TouchNoter’s 2021 Valentine’s Day sending and found some very interesting insights. 

We found TouchNoter’s top Valentines were lucky husbands, who receive 38% of TouchNote Valentine’s cards sent. Wives were the next most loved recipient, followed by galentines, boyfriends and then girlfriends. Our senders loved 3 card designs and stickers in particular, with pink and red hearts being the favorite things to send. Not only did senders show love on the front of their cards, but in the week before February 14th, “love” was included in card messages 122% more often. Pet names were also a theme amongst Valentine’s Day last year, with the following cute, funny and silly nicknames used in cards; boo, princess, sunshine, stud, dreamgirl, prince charming and buttercup. You guys were creative! 

Create your own Valentine traditions by sending with TouchNote this Valentine’s Day. Customize memorable cards with your favorite photos and fun design elements, and include a gift as an extra-loving touch.

At TouchNote, we believe every day is an opportunity to show love and kindness. Whether to your friends, family or that special someone in your life, sending postcards, greeting cards and delightful gifts let them know they’re loved. However, Valentine’s Day provides a great excuse to go above and beyond to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

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