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Introducing the Kindness Hero Awards

Introducing the Kindness Heroes Award from TouchNote. This is an annual celebration of gratitude and appreciation for those who dedicate their time, energy and lives in pursuit of kindness.

As a company driven by our passion for kindness, we want to shine a spotlight on people who take everyday kindness to the next level. That’s why we created The Kindness Heroes Awards. 

The Kindness Heroes Awards exist to celebrate everyone from community sports coaches, to charity workers, social staff, fundraisers and more.

Nominated by you, the community, we’ll be offering the ultimate kindness bundle to all our winners, these include; annual memberships, gifts and recognition.

How to enter

Nominations are open from Friday 12th November and they close Tuesday 30th November. Depending on whether you are in the UK or the US, you will be able to fill out an online form via the links below. 

UK Entry Form Here

US Entry Form Here

All nominations will be reviewed over a two week period by our TouchNote team. There will be 4 UK winners (for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), there will also be 4 winners across the US. These will be shortlisted on an individual basis and checked against things like impact, ingenuity and spirit etc. The Winner will be announced on Wednesday 15th December, winners will be contacted via email and the results will be announced on our social platforms @touchnote.

Winners will be given an annual Unlimited membership to TouchNote, along with a gifting bundle and a Kindness Hero certificate.

Find out more on our Kindness Heroes Awards page.

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