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What to gift your male friends

When it comes to buying gifts for men, whatever the occasion, it’s all too easy to fall back on old faithfuls. We’re looking at socks, ties, belts and wallets. However, with a little thought and imagination, you can rise to the challenge and buy your male friends gifts they will really treasure.

Whether he’s an athletic, outdoorsy type, a tech fanatic or a wine or cheese connoisseur, we have you covered. We’ve also thought of options for foodies, keen gardeners, and loved ones with plenty of other hobbies and interests.  

We believe that you can breeze through male gift buying. Read our definitive guide and we’ll help you tackle even your most challenging male friend when it comes to gifting.

Why is it so hard to find gifts for men?

Most women would say that men are notoriously difficult to shop for. And, let’s face it, we’re often at a loss for what to buy. But why?

First, if men have a hobby or interest that they are passionate about and they want something and have the money to buy it, they’ll go out and get it from themselves. They also love their toys and these can be expensive, making them a bit out of reach for gifting anyway.

Second, men, when asked, are more likely to say “I don’t want anything” or “I don’t need anything”. And then, if they do “want something” it’s often a useful gift like garden equipment, power tools, or something else equally as boring to open on the big day. In fact, it’s pretty hard to find them gifts that are designed just to give them pleasure or help them play but have no productive value.

Third, traditionally men’s gifts just haven’t been in the retail marketing mix for gifting as much as women’s. But there’s good news. This is changing, and retailers are beginning to realize that they may have missed a golden opportunity to broaden their collections and offer items that make ideal gifts for men.   

So, what should you buy for your male friend?

The sweet and the salty

You may think that your male friends and family are difficult to buy for when it comes to gifting. But let’s face it, everyone likes to eat and everyone likes to eat something really tasty and special – sweet or savory. Men also like to cook, so how about buying a gift to release their inner Gordon Ramsay?

And as men have just as much of a sweet tooth as women, you’re in luck, as you can choose from masses of TouchNote gifts offering everything from chocolate to cookies to gourmet popcorn, and catering to all tastes. 

Tasty tipples

While some cliches about men are far-fetched, their enjoyment of a drink isn’t usually one of them and there are many options for gift buying here. However, don’t fall into the usual beer and lager trap. Men also love a cheeky prosecco or cocktail too. Why not treat them to a very special bottle of wine? Or perhaps an aged malt whisky? Whisky stones are also very popular with serious connoisseurs and, as small stones that can be frozen and then added to whiskey to cool it down, they’re a great party trick too. 

Be imaginative, think out of the box and check out TouchNote gifts for inspiration when you’re buying alcohol gifts for the men in your life.

A little me time

The modern man isn’t afraid to get his hands pampered (or his face or beard for that matter). Delve into the world of TLC for your male friends. Buy them a spa day, or if that’s a step too far, maybe something to pamper themselves with such as a good skin moisturizer or hair wax. 

If you need a bit of inspiration, browse the many thoughtful male gifts on offer at TouchNote – they’ll definitely thank you for it. 

Go green

Fresh flowers are a welcome decoration around the house all year round. Although bouquets and arrangements are a traditionally female-centric gift, there’s no reason to deprive your male friends of gorgeous flora too. 

For something that lasts, go with an indoor plant or some fun gardening tools. Or be extravagant and a little bit romantic and buy traditional fresh cut flowers to brighten up their day. 

Don’t forget the card

The shopping is done. You’ve found that perfect gift, and even more perfect wrapping paper. And now you are sitting back feeling just a little bit smug, knowing just how much they’ll appreciate your gift on the big day. There’s one final touch needed. Don’t forget to send the perfect card to accompany your gift. TouchNote’s amazing card collection has everything you need to complement the gifts you’ve purchased for the men in your life.

At TouchNote, we have funny designs, cute designs, and designs that say what you don’t have the words for. Or you could upload your own photo for a really special card for your male friend. 

The lowdown on giving gifts to men

It’s easier than you think to rise to the challenge of buying gifts for men, whatever the occasion – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because you want to show them you are thinking about them. Give it a little thought and imagination and your male friends will be in for a real treat.

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