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How to: Add everyone to your address book

This season, we’re making it a piece of cake to send all your cards. TouchNote saves you those evenings spent writing out addresses – and now Extra Magic subscribers can add all their addresses without lifting a finger!

How to get lots of addresses into your TouchNote account

Wherever you have your addresses written or saved, we can put them straight into your account 🙂

For example, if you have a trusty old paper address book, just take photos of the pages and email them to us. Or if you have a spreadsheet with them all in, magic! Just send it over to us.

Or maybe you have lots of contacts on your iPhone or Google Account, but you’re not sure how to move them from there into your TouchNote address book. Simply contact us and we’ll help you do just that, like magic!

Our support elves are on hand 24 hours a day and ready to get your Christmas address book all wrapped up! Just email

How long will it take?

We’ll upload them for you by December the 4th, in plenty of time to order your cards.

If you send us a spreadsheet, we can usually do sooner. Other requests may take longer. If you like, you can download our address template spreadsheet, and send it back to us, ready for us to upload.

We’re getting Christmas all wrapped up 🎅

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