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Oh, Baby! : What to write in a Baby Shower Card

With the news of a pregnancy comes great excitement and an excuse for a party! A baby shower is a great chance to celebrate this incredible milestone and have one last hoorah with the soon-to-be parents

Between the baby-themed games, tiers of blue and pink cupcakes and potential gender reveal extravaganza, and a round of gift and card opening. You’ll want to make sure your card not only looks great with TouchNote exclusive Baby Shower Designs but that your message stands out too. Our guide will put you in the best chance of being made godparent (or maybe even having the baby named after you!)

Baby Shower Messages

Scroll through all our suggested messages, or jump to the section that best applies to what you’re looking for. 

Cute and Heartfelt Baby Shower Messages
Funny Baby Shower Messages
Baby Shower Messages For Your Friend
Baby Shower Messages For Your Sister or Brother
Baby Shower Messages For Your Son or Daughter
Baby Shower Messages For a Co-Worker
Baby Shower Messages For a Baby Boy
Baby Shower Messages For a Baby Girl
Baby Shower Messages For Twins / Multiples

How To Address A Baby Shower Card

First things first, how to start the card. 

We recommend matching the invitation. If the baby shower is being hosted by the soon-to-be father and mother, then definitely address the card to both of them. If it’s a ladies’ only thing, then you can just address it to the mother. Finally, you could always address it to the baby and be the first to welcome them to the world. 

  • “Dear Mama and Papa-to be.”

  • “To the soon-to-be best parents in the world.”

  • “Dear Super-Mom.”

  • “For the most beautiful pregnant lady.”

  • “Dear the newest member of the XX family.”

  • “To  the most loved baby.”

Cute and Heartfelt Baby Shower Messages

Babies can bring out the soft side of all of us. So for baby shower wishes as cute as the newest addition, we’ve got you covered. 

  • “The love you will feel when you meet your little one is unconditional and more powerful than anything you will ever know. Enjoy every second of parenthood.”

  • “Baby cuddles are the best! Enjoy every second of welcoming your little one into the world.”

  • “Little hands, little feet and a lot of trouble are all on the way. Congratulations!”

  • “This baby is blessed to have the best parents. Wishing you all the best in your new chapter.”

Funny Baby Shower Messages

Whilst having a baby is a serious decision, your card doesn’t have to be. These messages are a great way to find humor in the impending chaos of a newborn baby.

  • “Congratulations on your pregnancy. See you in 18 years!”

  • “Make sure to stock up on sleep now; you’re going to need it once your bundle of joy arrives.”

  • “Sorry you can’t drink while pregnant… So I’ll drink for you too!”

  • “I’m so happy you guys are having a baby. I’m even happier that I’m not!”

  • “Can’t wait to cuddle up to your bundle of joy, and then immediately pass it back as soon as it cries, poops or pukes. Good Luck!”

  • “Let’s hope your baby doesn’t inherit his dad’s sense of style!”

Baby Shower Messages For Your Friend

Seeing your friends having babies is an incredible new stage of your friendship. So show them how happy and supportive you are of them both. 

  • “I’ve been lucky enough to call you my friends, and now this baby is lucky to call you their Mom and Dad. Congratulations on this amazing news!”

  • “A baby shower is a bit different from the parties we used to go to! Can’t wait to tell your baby all about it. Love you guys!”

  • “We’ve known each other through school, college, jobs and now babies. Excited for you to embark on this next incredible journey.”

Baby Shower Messages For your Sister or Brother

It’s hard to believe that your annoying sibling is about to become a parent. But now it’s time for you to take up the role of fun aunt or uncle!

  • “I can’t wait to load them up on sugar and then leave!”

  • “Excited to welcome my beautiful new niece / nephew to the world. Congratulations on your wonderful news.”

  • “You may be annoying as a little brother, but I know you are going to be the best dad. Excited for you, baby bro!”

Baby Shower Messages For your Son or Daughter

Seeing your child become a parent is a massive source of pride for any parent. It also comes with the fun new title of grandpa and grandma!

  • ”May you be blessed with a child as wonderful as I was with you. I’m proud of you as you embark on this exciting new journey.”

  • “Babies don’t come with instructions, but that’s why they come with grandparents. Here for you all the way.”

  • “So looking forward to becoming a grandparent. I can’t wait to spoil your little one!”

Baby Shower Messages For a Co-Worker

When writing a baby shower message for a colleague, or perhaps someone you don’t know quite so well, you can still write a meaningful baby shower card.  

  • “Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Enjoy your baby shower!”

  • “Happy Baby Shower. Wishing your baby a lifetime of love, support and happiness.”

  • “Good health to you through the rest of your pregnancy. Sending wishes of health, joy and lots of sleep!”

Baby Shower Messages For a Baby Boy

If the couple already knows the sex of the baby, you can personalize your card message even more. 

  • “Cannot wait to meet your precious little guy.”

  • “Congratulations on your exciting news. If he’s anything like his father, you’ll be fine.”

  • “Boy, oh boy! The little man is already blessed with great parents- and we can’t wait to meet him.”

Baby Shower Messages For a Baby Girl

The same goes if the couple already knows they are having a baby girl. Welcome her to the world with one of the following messages.

  • “May your daughter be as kind, courageous and intelligent as her mother. Congratulations on the news of your baby girl.”

  • “Best wishes on the news of your baby girl. May she forever have her dad wrapped around her little finger!”

  • “Boss ladies raise boss babies! Can’t wait to welcome you to this world, little lady.”

Baby Shower Messages For Twins / Multiples

For those blessed with not just one baby, but two, three or more, referencing this in your card is an absolute must.

  • “Twins means double the fun and double the trouble. Congratulations on your happy news.”

  • “Congratulations on your double blessings! Twice the hugs and twice the kisses. Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery.”

  • “Only thing more special than a baby on the way is having two / three/ four babies on the way! Looking forward to celebrating your extra blessings.”

  • “Good things come in threes! Congratulations on your triplets!”

How To Sign Off the Card

Now you have wowed the recipient with your congratulations message, it’s time to sign off the card. The tone of your card up to now and how close you are to the recipient will ultimately guide your card sign-off. But make sure to thank them for the beautiful baby shower that you’ve just attended!

  • “Kind regards and many thanks for your hospitality.”

  • “Best wishes, and thank you for a great day celebrating your exciting next chapter.”

  • “Hugs and kisses to you and baby. Today is a great celebration of your exciting new journey!”

  • “Make sure to enjoy every second of today; it may be your last party for a while! Congratulations again, Mom and Dad.”

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