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Halloween Hacks with Hungermama

Halloween — or ‘Spooky season’ — is the time of the year that separates late summer and Christmas; where the days have drawn in, the air carries added bite, and the leaves inform us that Autumn’s in full swing. The time of year for bonfires, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving… to don disturbing costumes, and naturally; consume a shed load of sweets. For such a colourful celebration — the third most celebrated after Christmas and Easter — it’s far from the most card laden holiday of the year. With the average child consuming a pretty frightening 169 cubes of sugar (equivalent), we wanted to offer an alternative.

So together with Hungermama, we’ve paired both our cooking and card sending prowess to bring TouchNoters three healthy alternatives to Halloween’s impending sugar avalanche. Having these low sugar alternatives in the mix gives parents the ability to manage sugar intake whilst still keeping things fun and festive.

Hungermama echoes this, saying, “I try to keep my kids’ diets low in sugar, but managing this around Halloween festivities can be tricky. Teaming up with TouchNote on these fun low-sugar recipes has been great — we have some clever recipes which can be sent as postcards through their app. Such a fun and tasty way to share a healthier Halloween with family and friends!”

As Dan, our CEO, explains “We know people love to send and receive cards, but they might not think of this at Halloween — until now…TouchNote is all about celebrating the everyday and what we’re doing here is helping parents share a new, healthier approach to Halloween.”

Here’s a taster of the recipes below:

Shrunken Baked Apple Heads: Healthy baked apple heads with just fruit, spices, coconut butter and the naturally occurring sweetener, agave nectar

Cobwebby Pumpkin Pancakes, a clever way to get some veg into your kids on Halloween using the pulp scooped out from the jack-o-lantern, making good use of what might otherwise be thrown away (or you can use pre-prepared puree from a tin)

Spooky Fruit Punch: a blend of soda water and fruit juice complete with a chilling frozen hand for extra shivers. You can turn up the horror with a garnish of blueberry stuffed lychee eyeballs

So this Halloween, send a recipe card and enjoy the festivities doing something a bit different — just because.

As part of our free trial, new users can send two recipe cards for free by downloading our app now. Happy Halloween!

TouchNote / October 2019
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