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How to send the BEST Christmas Thank You Cards

The Christmas celebrations are over, you’ve finished the last of the eggnog and the decorations are back in the garage for another year. So what’s next? Thanking loved ones, family and friends for the fabulous gifts they sent, of course. 

Let them know how much their gifts were appreciated – how much fun it was opening them on Christmas morning, how useful they’re going to be and how much pleasure you’re going to get by using them. Our guide will help you create the best and most unique Christmas thank you cards you’ve ever sent, whoever they’re for. 

So banish those post-Christmas blues, whip up a mug of hot chocolate, settle yourself down and spoil them with a Christmas thank you card from the heart that they’ll treasure long after the holiday season.

Why send a Christmas thank you card?

It’s important to send thank you cards after Christmas. Receiving a gift in these tough financial times means so much. A thank you card is a lovely way to show appreciation for your family and friends’ thoughtfulness and to let them know the gift arrived. As well as really brightening their day once all the magical holiday festivities are over, it shows how much you care and how grateful you are that they remember you at this time of the year.

Receiving thank you cards is heartwarming at any time of year, but especially at Christmas when most of us spend time thinking about friends and family. And, of course, the perfect gifts for them. 

Three’s the charm when creating the BEST card

The essential elements of a brilliant Christmas thank you card include a fabulous design, with or without a photo, a thoughtful message of thanks sent straight from the heart, and sending it as soon after the holidays as you can. 

Design: First decide what card suits your loved one the most – either a conventional card or postcard. And then you can design it, with or without photos. You can make the most of TouchNote’s fabulous artwork and designs, or create a photocard and use your pictures from the Christmas holidays. Think fun in the snow, family around the Christmas table, gift opening – the choice is endless!

Message: Once you have your perfect design, it’s time to think about the message. You’ll want to express your thanks, and it’s completely OK to keep it simple and sincere. Or you could make it much more personal. For example, you could add an anecdote or two, or relate a funny story from Christmas Day itself. Did you have to make a last minute run to the store for something essential you’d forgotten? Or do you have a story about Grandma’s teeth falling into the mashed potato or when Auntie Amelia had one too many hot buttered rums and fell asleep at the table?

Timing: it’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to writing thank you cards. But you’ll feel so smug once they’re done right after Christmas. And imagine how pleased your loved ones will be when they realize the time and effort you’ve gone to right after Christmas.

If you follow our three simple steps, you can’t go wrong – we promise!

Making your design absolutely unique

If you decide that photocards are the way to go for your Christmas thank you card, the next step is choosing one or more pictures from the day or the season in general that show you and your family having a good time. If it looks good, why not take a pic of you using the gift itself?

How about sharing a photo from your holiday festivities? Tucking into Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner, the chaos and mayhem of gift opening on Christmas morning, or even one of the dog or cat with their own gifts for example. Plus, if you want to say thank you for a special gift, add a photo of it in action – maybe the kids playing with the toys they received or yourself in a fab furry hat and gloves. 

You may decide that photos really aren’t your thing. And that’s no problem at all when it comes to creating a unique Christmas thank you card. Whoever you’re sending it to – be it Great Grandma or a best friend, TouchNote has a range of cool designs to suit everyone.

Writing the perfect message

The closer you are to the person who gave you the gift, the more personal you’ll want your message to be. You could add a few details about what a great Christmas it was, or share a funny story.

If you do mention the actual gift, you can say how much you’ve enjoyed using it, or are looking forward to using it. If someone has put in a lot of effort and given you something that is just right, you may wish to add something like “OMG you know me so well”. It’s a fact, people appreciate it when their efforts are rewarded with thanks from the heart.

If you weren’t really keen on the gift you received – and let’s face it, we’ve all been there – it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t say thank you. Not everyone has the talent for gift buying.

Obviously, it makes for a more personal and heartfelt message if it mentions the gift. But don’t worry, a generic message will also be appreciated – different people will suit different thank yous. 

A few examples include:

“Thank you so much – the bracelet was just awesome and I haven’t taken it off since Christmas day.”

“Many thanks for your amazing gift – I can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had with it!”

“I can’t thank you enough for the special gift you sent us for (baby’s name) first Christmas – we will treasure it always.”

“Thank you so much for your gift – so nice of you to think of me.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful gift, it was much appreciated. Happy New Year to you and yours.”

Timing is everything

Don’t miss the window of opportunity. The perfect time to give thanks is as soon as possible. It’s easy to put off writing thank you cards on any occasion but especially after Christmas when things can look a little dreary and you have the winter blues. Just remember how much it will mean to the person you’re thanking. And if you’re sending a photocard, it gives you the chance to relive Christmas a little bit too. 

A thank you card in the mailbox after the holidays can be just the thing to raise friends and family’s spirits post-Christmas. You’ll be surprised to discover just how much an attitude of gratitude helps in nurturing relationships. Words of affirmation and validation form a love language that so many of us can appreciate.

Why Christmas thank you cards go a long way

Shake off your post-holiday gloom and get your New Year off to a flying start by sending a TouchNote Christmas thank you card, and really cheer someone else up at the same time. Remember, however special it feels to receive a card in the mail, believe us when we say that it feels even better to send one.

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