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Mother’s Day traditions

Once a year we all get to show some much-needed appreciation for the women who raise us. Mother’s Day may be celebrated on different dates depending on where you live, but one thing is true – wherever you go, moms rock!

Millions of people around the world send their moms cards and gifts on Mother’s Day, but different countries and cultures have some fun and interesting ways of celebrating, too. 

Mother’s Day traditions around the world

Giving thanks to our wonderful mothers is a tradition that dates back millennia. 

But how we celebrate mothers varies quite a lot around the world. Check out these fun ways to say thanks to moms everywhere. 

Dia das Mães in Brazil

Mother’s Day, or Dia das Mães, takes pride of place in the Brazilian calendar, second in importance only to Christmas. Kids make gifts for their mothers at school, sing special songs at church, then families all gather for multi-generational barbecues. 

And for dessert? Tart, sweet and pretty Mousse de Maracujá, aka Passionfruit Mousse, is the classic way to finish the day. 

Muttertag in Germany

Tied in with springtime celebrations, Mother’s Day, or Muttertag, has been observed since the Middle Ages. Usually held on the second Sunday in May. 

While modern celebrations are similar to those in the USA, UK and many other countries – mothers receive phone calls, flowers, chocolates and other gifts – a unique and touching tradition involves mothers who have died. People lay white flowers on their graves on this day to honor and remember them.

India goddess festival

One of the many deities revered in Hinduism is Durga, known as the goddess of mothers. Every autumn – September or October – India holds a nine-day festival, called Durga Puja to honor women. 

People decorate their homes, spend time with loved ones and enjoy delicious feasts. The goddess is paraded through villages and towns, often shown riding on the back of a lion.

Fete des Meres in France

Poetry runs through the veins of the French people, and Mother’s Day here is no exception. Usually held on the last Sunday in May, creative French children often compose poetry for their mothers on this day— ooh la la! They also take care of the chores so she can relax – now that sounds good to us. 

Serbian family days

In Serbia, Mother’s Day forms part of a series of December family-focused celebrations, including Children’s Day and Father’s Day. Mother’s Day – or Materice – comes with an unusual twist. 

Children sneak into their parents’ bedroom and ‘tie’ up their mother with a piece of rope or ribbon. She is released when she has given them a gift or homemade treats. It might sound scary, but the kids also do it to fathers, and parents to their children, on their respective days, too. The tradition is meant to show that the family is ‘bound’ to each other with love and charity through the generations.

Mother’s Day cards and gifts from TouchNote

 The simplest way to send Mother’s Day cards and gifts to mothers, no matter where they live, is with TouchNote

You can choose from a selection of ready-made cards, or add your own photos for a more personalized Mother’s Day card that she’ll be proud to display. 

All TouchNote cards include free delivery anywhere in the world, so no matter where you roam or how you celebrate, you can still send love back home to mom.

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