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Why postcards aren’t just for summer

Want to keep in touch with your family and friends but looking for something more creative and thoughtful than a text, Whatsapp or Instagram? How about sending a personally designed postcard? You can connect with the people you love all year round, capturing those moments in time that you want to share or just to let them know you are thinking about them. A postcard is definitely not just for summer – it’s ideal to send all year round.

For a hundred years or so, sending a postcard was the go to method of communication with friends and family while you were traveling on a summer holiday, so much so that most people just stopped using them once digital comms such as texts and social media became dominant.  

Postcards have made a giant comeback in the past few years, and these days, when you find a postcard in your mailbox, it’s a nice surprise and feels almost as good as getting a gift!

And it’s easy! These days you can design your own postcard using a favorite photo or snap (put those selfies to work!), write a quick message and send. 

Fall and winter are dramatic seasons – beautiful autumn colors and stunning sunsets, and crisp white, sparkling snow – share your walks through the reds and golds of the trees, those cozy evenings by the fire or Christmas at home with the family by sending a postcard.

Why do we send postcards?

Sending postcards is a great way to share news and special moments or even just touch base when you’re away from your friends and family to let them know how you are doing or if you’ve been somewhere out of the ordinary. Or even if you don’t live many miles away, you can make them feel special by letting them know you’re thinking about them.

Postcards can capture big moments like the first day at school or college, births, baptisms and weddings but can also share quiet moments at home – a fabulous cake you baked, how the snow looked after you played snow angels, when you jumped into a pile of leaves – anything! 

Postcards are really personal too – design your own and say exactly what you want to say to those you care for.

Moments to send in fall

So much happens in the fall! Leaving home to begin college or starting a new job after graduation, special events like Halloween and Thanksgiving – all great reasons to send a postcard. Whether you’ve left home or you’re staying put, give your friends and family a snapshot of your life in a personal and creative way.

The changing of the leaves

Whether you are living in the countryside or in a city, you’ll see the leaves changing color everywhere. You can memorialize those lovely autumn days before that first nip of frost, the vibrant flame orange, reds and golds of trees and shrubs, flocks of birds migrating, squirrels scurrying about collecting nuts (if you’re quick enough to get a picture), and the stunning sunsets. Even more great reasons to send a postcard in the fall.

Cozy memories

By the fall, homes are looking warm and welcoming, with everyone anticipating those cozy evenings relaxing at home, enjoying hearty and comforting dinners and movie nights with family and friends. And don’t forget those leafy bonfires, hotdogs and bundled up walks – capture and share those special memories. 

Seasonal Occasions

Of course, the main highlights of this autumnal season are Halloween and Thanksgiving! First, Halloween – dressing up and trick or treating, parties and parades, pumpkins and candy, skeletons and ghouls, followed by Thanksgiving, a very special time for families to celebrate together and give thanks. Just think about the amazing moments you’ll create as you celebrate these exciting events

Moments to send in winter

In those first frosts of winter, don’t huddle indoors – wrap up warm, put on your fur lined boots and get out there for a bracing walk. Rosy cheeks and pink noses make cute pictures for your postcards and the sparkling white scenery is always worth a quick snap – and watch out for those first red berries for a splash of color.

The snow days

There’s something magical about a walk on a snowy day – especially if the snow has just fallen – crunchy and crisp underfoot – and there’s so much else to do too!  From building the lumpiest and funniest snowman to making snow angels, and skiing or skating, to the more practical like digging out your car and clearing the driveway or sidewalk – plenty here to capture for that perfect winter postcard.

Festive crafts

And now, towards the end of the year, Christmas is coming and inside most homes you’ll find a hive of activity (sometimes verging on panic!) – there are gingerbread houses to be baked and built, trees to decorate, garlands to be assembled and costumes designed and made for those pageants. Postcards of family and friends as they create these festive treats, as well as final pictures of their creations during the run up to the holidays are always appreciated.

The BIG day itself

Nothing beats the atmosphere of Christmas morning – the excitement of opening gifts, wrapping paper strewn everywhere and smiles all round, followed by a lively lunch with silly hats and a fat turkey, the table groaning with food. And if that’s not enough to tempt you to send a Christmas postcard, then how about snapping dad as he dozes off in front of the TV, while everyone else is doing the dishes?

Send a postcard any time of year with TouchNote

Don’t wait until you’re on your travels to send someone a postcard – share the extra special moments in your life this fall and winter with family and friends or just let someone know you’re thinking about them by sending a postcard. Postcards will capture those celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but also the everyday and personal moments for those you care about. Design your own postcard today and add a gift from our unique collection.

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