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5 moments of 2021 to say thank you for

This year might not have been sunshine and rainbows, but 2021 hasn’t been all doom and gloom either (here’s looking at you 2020). So we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the greatest parts of the year that we’re the most thankful for.

From the monumental, sentimental, silly and little bright spots, take a thankful walk down memory lane with us today. Choose from over 3000 artist created card designs with free worldwide shipping, and the opportunity to add a thank you gift too. Sign up to TouchNote today.

  1. Thank you for reuniting us

This year saw the end of some of our longest stretches without friends and family; from those special reunions, first hugs in months and chances to make new memories, these are all things that we couldn’t be more grateful for.

Why not send a throwback postcard to the one you’re most thankful for?

  1. Thank you for the great entertainment 

Whilst the world has opened up slightly, we’ve also been gifted with amazing television and music to keep us smiling for those times when indoors was the only option. From the return of Adele to the enjoyable scrolling of countless Tik Toks, the binge-able Squid Game, to the extremely long-awaited Friends reunion. The power of a great series, album or silly video can’t be overlooked in 2021.

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  1. Thank you for inspiring us

Though we may have been on pause for a while, this year proved how people will persevere and thrive, no matter what. From the amazing feats in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to the environmental champions at COP26. There are endless moments to be inspired by.

Celebrate someone who is doing amazing things by sending them a postcard.

  1. Thank you for holidays

After so long in the same four walls, it’s been an amazing change to get out and explore new sights, sounds, flavours and culture. Whether it was a sandy beach escape or a weekend in nature, that first vacation of 2021 will stay with us forever.

Remember brighter days all winter long with postcards of your holiday moments.

  1. Thank you for…you!

TV, travel and sports aside, the thing we’re most thankful for here at Team TouchNote is you. In 2021 we’ve grown our kindness community across the globe, launched flowers and gifts with an incredible reception and continued to create moments of joy for hundreds of thousands of people. So for all of that, thank you!

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