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Thank you teacher: A teacher gift guide

Teachers often spend their working life under-appreciated for all the good they do. They have a tough and demanding job, so figuring out how to thank them can be difficult. But after everything they do to inspire and motivate their students, they deserve to be thanked.

What better way to show you recognize their importance than with a gift? This guide will help you choose the gifts that will leave your teacher feeling appreciated, and how to best say ‘thank you’ on behalf of you and your child.

The reasons to send thanks to your teacher

Some teachers really are a cut above the rest. They work hard to create a safe environment where their students can learn and grow and they always strive to help. Whether that’s with encouragement or by accommodating your specific needs into their lessons. 

These teachers are the ones you remember long after you graduate, the ones that inspired you, and the ones that gave out the best advice when you needed it. They might have helped your child begin a lifelong love of Science, Math, English or History, or simply made their day better. 

Receiving a gift or a card saying thank you validates everything they do and they are sure to appreciate it just as much as you appreciate them. 

For your favorite teacher

Maybe they’re the reason you chose to study that particular topic at college, or they let you use their classroom as somewhere to spend recess with your friends. However they became your favorite, this teacher always went above and beyond.  

If you’re sending a teacher’s gift for your kid, they might be the teacher they come home talking about or the one who’s helped them on a lifelong journey of learning. 

Send them a personalized card, and let them know how those little things they did made all the difference in the world. Tell them that they were one of the best things you or your child remember about school and how you always knew you could go to them for advice when it was needed. Show them how their help influenced the person you are today.

For a male teacher

However your favorite male teacher helped, they deserve a thank you. They might have been the one to always go back through a tough subject with you when you couldn’t make head or tails of it. Or maybe they were the perfect role model and made you want to become a teacher just like them. 

Letting them know just how much they helped you will be well received and is such a special thing for them to hear. Knowing that they’re making a difference will motivate them throughout the rest of their career. If you’ve left school or are sending a gift to your child’s teacher, why not get them a bottle of their favorite drink, to show them you understand the need to unwind in a job like theirs. If they’re still your teacher then a selection of chocolates or fancy food will go down a treat. 

For a female teacher

You might have accidentally called them “mom” once, but they never made you feel embarrassed. Your favorite female teacher always knew what to say, and how to explain a subject so it just clicked. Every class you had with them was another opportunity to learn something new. 

Tell this teacher how what they taught you spread into other aspects of your life, not just school. The advice they gave was always the best and now you’re equipped to deal with anything life throws at you. All thanks to them. They’ll feel incredibly happy to hear how well you’re doing now, so send them a personalized card and tell them. A bottle of fancy gin, luxury candles or a pampering kit is perfect, whether you’re thanking your teacher or your child’s.

For an assistant teacher

This unsung hero was always able to spot when you were struggling. While the main teacher was helping the rest of the class, the assistant teacher helped you get up to speed. They went over complex topics and somehow made them easy to understand. 

Your assistant teacher probably didn’t get the appreciation they deserve. Tell them how without their help you likely wouldn’t have made it through your exams, or how that one explanation they gave made the entire subject click. Why not send them a personalized card and let them know how much they helped you? Pair it with a notebook or some flowers for the ultimate teacher’s gift. 

For your homeroom teacher

They welcomed you at the beginning of the day and then sent you home at the end. Your homeroom teacher was always interested in learning about you as a person and they never treated you like just another nameless student. They made the homeroom a welcoming place, and you always knew you could go to this teacher whenever you had a problem. 

They gave the best advice and always fought in your corner. Tell them how their welcome at the beginning of each day made you feel relaxed and ready to learn, or how you always knew you could turn to them for help when you needed it. You might know this teacher a little better than the others, so a snack they love or a personalized notebook could be the best gift for them. 

For substitute teachers

Substitute teachers are thrown into the deep end whenever (and wherever) they go to work. But somehow they still manage to teach the subject well. Let them know that you understand how much work goes into their job with a personalized card and a gift. They likely don’t receive many, going from school to school as they’re needed, so they’re sure to appreciate one. 

If the substitute is covering your teacher while they’re on an extended absence, let them know that you won’t forget how much they helped you and your class. A bouquet of flowers and a card signed by all the students will definitely pull at their heartstrings. 

Whichever teacher you’re thanking, they’re sure to appreciate a personalized card with a thoughtful message. And you can never go wrong with flowers, a bottle of wine, your favorite book or an edible treat. 

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