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What to Write in a Baby Shower Thank You card

All your friends and family came together to celebrate and share the love at your baby shower. There were games, presents, and – most importantly – an awesome group of people who love you. With so much joy and happiness in the air, why not return the favor with a thank you card? Your friends and family will be overjoyed to receive a thoughtful and heartfelt message thanking them for their part in making the day special. 

But who do you thank and what should you say? The short answer – something from the heart. The long answer – keep reading and we’ll help you craft the perfect message. 

Why should you send a baby shower thank you card?

A baby shower thank you card is such a nice way to show how much you appreciate everyone for celebrating with you. They made the day so special and gave you plenty of gifts to help welcome your new arrival into the world. They deserve to be thanked for it. 

A personalized thank you card only takes a few minutes to create, so you should definitely take the time to write a nice message to everyone who came. They’ll feel great knowing that you appreciate them – and even better if you tell them why their gift was so amazing!

When should you send a baby shower thank you card?

Pregnancy is a whirlwind, and no one is expecting you to be on top of everything all of the time. 

In a perfect world, you’d send a thank you card a few days after the baby shower – but let’s be honest, there are other things on your mind right now! 

Sending a thank you card within a few weeks after the shower is absolutely fine and still shows that you care. But to help prepare for them, you could design your cards in advance. That way, all you need to do is write the message inside just before you send them out. And don’t forget, by using TouchNote, you don’t even need to physically go out to the store, making the process so much easier for you. 

Who to thank with a baby shower thank you card

When it comes to your thank you cards, it’s best not to leave anyone out. Send a card to everyone – your mother, your sister, your best friend, or half of your family and friendship group. They all deserve a card. 

And don’t forget about those that couldn’t make the day. If anyone was unable to come to the shower but still sent you a gift or their best wishes, include them in your thank you card list. 

Alternatively, if a group of your co-workers clubbed together to buy you something, pin up a thank you card in the office and address it to all of them. This saves you time, and shows that you understand it was a team effort. 

What to write if it was a surprise

A surprise baby shower is such a thoughtful thing to do for someone. If your family and friends threw one for you, then you really need to show your appreciation. Sending a thank you card is the perfect way to let them know how thoughtful they were for helping organize the surprise. Here are some examples you can use for inspiration in your own message: 

  • “Thank you so much for everything you did to organize such a wonderful day.” 

  • “Thanks for managing to keep it all a secret!”

  • “We’ll treasure everything you did to make the day so special.”

What to write if they left the little one a gift

Let’s not forget the main reason for having a baby shower – the baby! You’ll get so many gifts for your new arrival and it’s important to thank the people who thought ahead. Tell them how you can’t wait to give their gift to your baby and how you’re sure they’ll love it (even if they can’t vocalize it yet!). 

  • “Thanks so much for thinking of our baby with your gift.” 

  • “Thank you for not only such a thoughtful gift, but for also being an amazing friend.”

  • “We both appreciate this gift so much. And we’re sure our baby will love it too.” 

What to write if you had an out-of-town guest

As we get older, we tend to move further and further away from home. Your childhood best friend could live halfway across the country now, but they still managed to make it to your baby shower. These guests deserve to be thanked for making the time to travel all that way. Tell them how much you appreciate what they’ve done, especially if they had to hop on a plane to get there. 

  • “Thank you so much for making it.”

  • “It wouldn’t have been the same without you.” 

  • “Thanks for making the journey, I can’t wait to see you again!” 

What to write to those who couldn’t make it

Not everyone could make it to the party, but those that cared took the time to send over a card or a gift anyway. They were still able to make your day special and still deserve to be thanked. Tell them how much you appreciate them thinking of you, even when they could have easily ignored or forgotten about it. Remind them that you appreciate it, and will remember their thoughtfulness. 

  • “Thank you so much for thinking of us!”

  • “We’re sorry you couldn’t make it, you were really missed.”

  • “We can’t wait to see you in person soon!”  

What to write to your baby shower host

If your baby shower took place at a friend’s or family member’s house, you’ll need to make sure they get an extra special thank you. They gave up their home to make your day perfect, so tell them how much you appreciate everything they’ve done. Send them a personalized baby shower thank you card to show them how grateful you are. 

  • “Thanks for making the day perfect, and for all the effort you put into it.” 

  • “We really appreciate you letting us host our baby shower in your home!”

  • “The day wouldn’t have been so special without your help.”

Regardless of who you need to thank, a personalized card is the perfect way to do it. You can customize the message and tailor it specifically to every single person that made the day special.

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