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10 scarily good Halloween moments to capture

10 scarily good Halloween moments to capture

Discover the most memorable moments of Halloween and which make for the best photos. From the hilarious to the downright scary, we’ve got the perfect list. 

The best Halloween moments to capture forever

Halloween has so many great moments that are worth capturing on camera. But which ones should you focus on? From pumpkin picking to trick-or-treating, there’s no shortage of events to take part in on All Hallows’ Eve. 

So grab your phone or camera, make some memories and who knows – when you look back at the photos, maybe you’ll see a spot spooky specter somewhere in the background. 

Getting your house ‘spooky season’ ready

There’s no Halloween without decorations. Fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, and cardboard hanging bats are a great start and will definitely get your house in the haunted spirit (if you’ll pardon the pun). But why not go all out? Hide skeletons behind closed doors for a scare whenever anyone walks through, splatter the walls in fake blood, and then put some tombstones on the front lawn. 

You’ll soon be ready to host a spooky party, or you’ll have a terrifying spot ready to scare the neighborhood kids. Take a photo of your friend or partner jumping out from the bushes and scaring your trick-or-treating friends and then take another of your haunted house in all its glory. 


Going pumpkin hunting

A trip to the pumpkin patch has peak fall vibes. Yellow leaves on the ground, that slight chill in the air, and those rain boots that only come out a few times a year. When you walk into that field and see all those pumpkins laid out before you, you know Halloween is just around the corner.

The pumpkin patch makes for a great spot to go for a date, so bring your partner and try searching for the biggest pumpkin there. Once you’ve found it, take a photo holding it up like a prize-winning fish and then go and find another pumpkin that is a bit more manageable to take home. 


Carving the pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is probably the most Halloween-y thing you can do. You’ll find loads of design templates online, from the latest Stranger Things monster to classic horror movie icons. But we don’t think anything can beat the classic ‘hacking away until you’ve got the weirdest looking jack-o-lantern possible’ method. 

It’s a great activity to do with a bunch of friends, so invite them all over and go to town trying to create the scariest-looking pumpkin you can. Once you’re done, put it out the front of your house and light it up with a candle to keep all the scary spirits away. Just remember to line them all up and take a photo of your handiwork. 

Halloween costumes

Nothing beats a couple’s costume, so find yourself a partner and come up with some iconic horror duos. You could go with a classic like Gomez and Morticia Addams (which would make for a great family costume with the addition of Wednesday and Pugsley), or a more modern-day duo like the Joker and Harley. 

Make sure you take photos of the costumes, and if you’re having a party then you could even set up a photo booth for all your friends to use. It’s a great way to remember the night, and you have the added bonus of remembering all your friends dressed up in funny costumes. 

Did someone say a movie marathon?

If you want a quieter night, then a movie marathon is a great Halloween alternative. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of horror movies to choose from, so pick the ones that will have you hiding behind the sofa. Go for a vintage film like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” or a modern classic like “The Witches” to really terrify the group. 

It’s a great activity to do with your partner, a group of friends, or your family. Take a picture of everyone during that really scary moment when everyone is racing to cover their faces behind cushions. 

Trying to scare your significant other

A scary prank is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit (we swear that’s the last pun), and giving your significant other a good scare should help them get in the mood too. Or, it might make them want to start plotting a way to get you back. 

You’ve got your classic ‘hide behind a corner and jump out’ scare, or you could try the more involved ‘dress up as a mannequin or statue and jump out at the last second’ prank. Either way, you need to time it perfectly to get a photo of their reaction.  

Dressing up your pets

Other than maybe dressing up a baby, there’s nothing cuter than dressing up a pet. Seeing their head tilt in confusion at these strange human customs is very funny, but make sure you take it off them before they start running around the house trying to do it themselves. 

There are many options to choose from – but the funniest ones are the costumes with fake arms that make your pets look like tiny people when they run over to you. Snap a good picture and then show everyone else how much cuter your pet is than theirs. 

The trick-or-treaters

They’re the ones Halloween is really for. There’s excitement in the air as they go door-to-door collecting an ever-growing mound of candy. But there’s also an underlying, adrenaline-fueled, fear that one of the houses they approach might just be haunted. 

Make sure you have enough candy to give out but don’t be scared to have a bit of fun with it. Dress up on your porch like a Halloween decoration or statue, and scare any unwitting trick-or-treaters that get too close. And if you’re still getting ready to host a party, you could even make a drinking game of guessing who they’ve dressed up as. 

Throwing a Halloween-themed party

You’ve decorated the house, picked out the perfect costume, and the trick-or-treaters have completely deserted the streets – it’s time for a party. There are so many Halloween party games to play so if you’ve got the space, try to set up a few of them throughout your house and yard. 

Apple bobbing, pin the tail on the witch, or any Halloween-themed drinking games will go down well with your guests and make for a fun and memorable party. Have a costume contest to see who put the most effort in – and at the end of the night take a photo of the whole group pulling scary poses.

Indulging in the leftover candy

Halloween is one of the few days in the year you can justifiably indulge in loads and loads of candy. So make the most of it. Eat all the leftovers that didn’t get taken by trick-or-treaters. Or, if you’ve really got a sweet tooth, you can drive around town and buy up all the discounted Halloween candy from every store you can find. 

Spend the rest of the day after Halloween back home with your friends or partner and relax, or try to nurse your hangover. Take a photo of the aftermath of the party and send it to everyone who came with one of our personalized cards. Maybe next year they’ll even help you clear up!

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