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15 million cards sent. That’s a lot of cards!

We could try and make sense of it by telling you that’s a card for every person in Senegal, or two for everyone in Hong Kong. But it still doesn’t quite do it justice. We’re not merely celebrating the 15 million itself, but what each and every card represents. There’s also some great prizes up for grabs too …

At face value, a short message paired with yoga at the Grand Canyon, the beginning of bee season, the triumphant discarding of armbands, or a cake painted face are sweet reminders of life’s — all too often — fleeting celebrations. Yet, every one of those has a deeper story, it’s own history, and when printed onto an unassuming piece of card, the moment lives on; through shared laughter, a spot on the refrigerator, or an excuse to pick up the phone.

It would’ve been difficult to reach this milestone with just birthdays, anniversaries, and the holiday season. It’s the spontaneous sending, a momentary break from taps and swipes, sending a card ‘just because.’ Here are a few of our favourite recent cards sent.

Card from Lacey

We all like dog content. That’s a universal truth. A message sent from the dog itself? The gold standard. Dig a little deeper, and unbeknownst to Lacey, her message had quite the ripple effect. When Mary and her daughter’s close friend Cindy hopped states from Virginia to South Carolina, they were sad to see her go. For Lacey, it was even harder. To make the distance work, Lacey has been sending little tidbits from her frequent adventures or just to let her know she’s thinking of her. It’s a way for Lacey, Mary and her daughter to let Cindy know — even though North Carolina now sits between them — the distance has only reaffirmed their love for one another.

Through the generations

Postcards are a relic from of time’s gone by; a slower pace of life. A fitting medium for Dee to share her granddaughter standing at the house where Dee’s mother was born, 97 years ago. Matching front door and shutters, weatherboard clad; you can almost taste the homemade lemonade. Already a sweet story, it goes further. Dee has been using TouchNote for the past year to send pictures, notes and updates to her mother who is suffering from age-related dementia. It’s a simple way to remind her that she’s not forgotten and to help her stay connected to the whole family. It looks to be working, as a stack of cards is always out on her bedside table when Dee comes to visit.

Yoga at the Grand Canyon

With a straight drop nearing a mile, most get itchy feet within 10 yards of the edge. Some prefer the comfort of A/C in their car. Much safer. Much cooler. Joyce’s daughter, however, practiced yoga overlooking the canyon. We can only applaud the ingenuity. They were on their way cross-country from Pennsylvania to California, for the start of her freshman year at UC San Diego, sending the card back to friends in PA. Start as you mean to go on, we say.

Meet Quackers

Out camping in the Brecon Beacons, Jean often spends her days watching the duck that has the run of the farm. It’s known to follow campers around, giving them a quick nip, to Jean and the campers amusement. Quite the character around the farm, he deserved a spot on the mantelpiece. So, a card was sent. But Jean tells us that the Grandma who used to run the site sadly suffered a stroke two years ago, so while her grandkids have taken over maintenance of the farm, Jean keeps her company in the evenings — with a watchful eye over quackers — blossoming into a close friendship.

Selfie stash

When Gerry’s daughter wasn’t feeling well, while also missing her grandmother… they wanted to let grandma know they’re thinking of her. Living some distance from the rest of the family, they use TouchNote to to keep them informed of all their adventures. To cheer up Rowan and send some laughs grandma’s way, they posted her this moustache selfies — it took her a couple of takes to realise who was behind them.

Arlo’s updates

Distance is the thread that runs throughout the majority of our users stories. Be it long-distance relationships or families separated through work, unable to see the first steps from the new member of the pack. Technology has made the world smaller, but has it made us closer? Updates can get lost in the timeline. So to ensure none of the family miss a moment, Shayla has been sending monthly updates of her son Arlo, so they each have their own timeline of Arlo’s firsts.

As a thank you and to celebrate reaching this milestone, we’re offering three lucky winners a TouchNote Silver Membership, on us! Just enter the prize draw below to be in with a chance.

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