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How to make Blue Monday brighter

The third Monday of January 2023 is here. You’re back at work and that fantastic Christmas you had is a distant memory. The credit card bills have arrived, it’s cold and dreary outside, and you’ve maybe broken one, if not all, of your New Year’s resolutions – yes, Blue Monday has arrived.

But, just because it’s Blue Monday doesn’t mean we are destined to be blue. With a little thought and creativity, you’ll put a smile on the face of someone you care about, spread some kindness, and brighten your day. 

At TouchNote, we have put our heads together and come up with some great ideas to beat those blues and boost your mood. You’ll bring a little cheer to everyone around you on the most depressing day of the year, whether they are friends, family, loved ones, or colleagues.

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday was coined by a travel company in the early noughties. It refers to the third Monday of January and is thought to be the saddest day of the year. 

Why? It’s been three weeks since Christmas, belts have tightened both physically and financially, the weather is gray and drab, and there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to in the long term.

Thankfully, it’s not all gloom and doom. There are so many ways you can lift the spirits of your nearest and dearest, as well as anyone who may be having a difficult time. Here are a few ways you can spread the love this January.

Post-Christmas check-up on family and friends

Blue Monday is a perfect opportunity to focus on the fact that January can be a tough month all around for many of us and a little kindness can go a long way when you are feeling a bit low.

Why not start the New Year by checking in with your loved ones? Pop a ‘sending you a big hug’ card across to your Mom or Dad. Or, send a ‘just because you’re awesome’ card to a friend. 

Reaching out to family, friends, and loved ones can remind them that they are important to you and that you are thinking about them. It’s the little boost that could lift a friend out of a low. 

There are so many inspirational ways to build good karma and help you and yours stay positive and lighthearted when life seems to be a bit too much of a grind. 

Ok, but how can I show my support?

Support for your family and friends can come in all shapes and sizes.

Why not send a thoughtful card, funny postcard, or even a small gift to make someone’s day? It’s always a real treat to find a card in your mailbox and a gift, however small, shows how much you care for the people in your life – not only that, it’ll seem like Christmas all over again.

You could also invite your friends for coffee, cake, and a catch-up. How about arranging a family lunch, or sending a text with a funny photo that’s guaranteed to raise a smile whatever your mood?

At work, why not suggest a ‘bring your dog to work day’ or ask the manager to treat everyone to lunch? Another idea is to set up a well-being suggestion box at the office for everyone to submit their mood-boosting ideas. 
If you suspect that someone is struggling, you could buy them something bright and cheerful for their desk. You can always keep it anonymous if you want to.

Sending a card

Sending cards to friends, family, or a loved one is a great way to remind them of all the fabulous occasions you celebrated during 2022. Dinners, BBQs, days at the beach, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween – there are so many great events to choose from. 

It’s really easy to put together a personalized photo card at TouchNote and create a lasting memory for those you love to look back on all year around. Plus, it will remind them that they have it all to look forward to again this coming year.
And, if you’re not into photos and custom-made designs, you can check out our awesome everyday kindness range. We have something for every TouchNoter.

Sending a gift

Gifts are an awesome way to say ‘just because you’re you’. They do not have to be expensive grand gestures. 
It really is the thought that counts here. After all, whose day doesn’t get so much better with the addition of a little chocolate decadence, some tasty biscuits, sweet treats, candy, or fresh flowers? At TouchNote, we have a superb range of day-making goodies for all budgets to suit just about everyone you know.

Digital check-in

While a physical reminder is usually the best, a little digital nudge is still a thoughtful way to show you care. 

Send your friend a photo of you both, or a nice message asking how they are. Take the opportunity to share a bit about what’s going on for you too if you want. It’s a great way to connect and decompress on Blue Monday. 

Winter is here and January’s bills have formed a scary-looking pile. The next day off may be months away and your New Year’s resolutions may have already flopped, but don’t worry. 
You can crush those Blue Monday feels and spread some kindness and positivity by sending heartwarming TouchNote cards and gifts to the special people in your life.

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