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5 tips for creating the best photo birthday cards

There’s nothing more thoughtful than spending time designing and creating a birthday photo card for a friend or family member. It can include a unique and cherished photo that means something special to you both. Think of a favorite image that captures them perfectly or something humorous and quirky that sums up their personality or life. Maybe a treasured memory or moment in time that describes your amazing friendship – the opportunities to be creative are limitless.

It’s as easy as pie to create the ultimate photo birthday card for your family and friends by following our simple five step plan. Read it before you get started and you’ll be sending out the most awesome cards before you know it!

Why send a photo birthday card?

Photo birthday cards are a great idea as they are personalized, one-of-a-kind designs that will make your card stand out in a crowd. It’s also a chance to recall good times, momentous occasions and celebrations, or just to share a cherished picture memory. 

They say “It’s the thought that counts” but really it’s the time and effort you put into celebrating your loved one’s special day that’s important. Adding a photo to their birthday card shows just how much you care. 

If a photo card is really not your thing then TouchNote has plenty of fabulous and unique birthday designs too. Stick with us and you can have the best of both worlds. 

But don’t give up on the photocard just yet – give us the chance to inspire you and give it a go.

Getting started on your card

There are a few factors to consider when you want to make the best photo birthday card, and our 5 practical tips will help you create one that stays out on display for longer than a week. Unleash your inner artist and design a card using an amazing photo and some cool artwork, adding stickers and a witty caption along the way and finishing off with those important personalized birthday wishes inside the card or on the back.

For the coolest cards around, follow our steps below:

1. Choosing the perfect picture

It’s said that a picture says 1,000 words, and when you want all 1,000 to be wonderful, making the right photo choice is a no brainer. You’ll probably have some favorites in mind already, but have a good scroll through your phone – you never know, there may be a hidden gem there.

A really good place to start is by thinking about a photo of a shared memory which will let them know it’s a card from you straight away. If you’ve known them for a long time some images of them over the years is a great idea. Pictures of them as a baby or small child are bound to raise a smile. Or maybe snaps of a recent holiday together, or a big celebration like a friend’s wedding or birthday. 

If they aren’t really picture people, why not choose a comical picture of a pet or animal that they love? Maybe they have an unusual hobby – you could find a picture of them kayaking, abseiling, whitewater rafting, or crafting and covered with glitter. Rack your brains for something that finds them in their element. 

On a practical note, make sure the image is high quality. Copying an image from a social media app, for example, may mean the quality isn’t quite good enough to print.

2. Pair your photo card with a birthday illustration

At TouchNote we have hundreds of incredible artist-made birthday designs which make brilliant birthday card options too. They bring home the personal birthday message and are bound to give your loved one a smile, giggle or an ‘aww’ moment.  

Make sure you consider a design theme that complements your photo. Maybe a sweet theme or a funny one. But from funny and ironic, to stylish, cute and sentimental, the choice is yours.

3. Get creative with stickers

No matter how old you are, stickers are a firm favorite and a great way to add real fun to a card. Whilst this is a members’-only TouchNote feature, stickers can transform a card into something EPIC. We’ve got heart stickers, dog stickers, funny glasses, hats (you name it and we’ve got it!). And best of all, whether the card you send is a photo card or conventional birthday design, you can use stickers on them all – win-win! 

4. Caption that card!

An on-trend, witty and funny caption can elevate a photo from good to keep-it-on-display-forever. Get those creative juices flowing and come up with something exceptional. Perhaps they have a classic catchphrase you could use that will have them laughing as soon as they open their card. Or maybe you share a motto and cliché that will have you both howling with laughter. 

If you aren’t keen on something funny or quirky – don’t worry. Something thoughtful and touching related to the image or that reminds them of the time and place the photo was taken will be more than appreciated by the birthday boy or girl.

5. Finish with a wish they’ll remember

Birthday cards that are remembered long after the event has passed are almost always amazing both inside and out. So make sure to leave yourself some time to write a memorable message too. 

Wish your loved one a great day and another great year of being them, or remind them what a great friend they are to you. You can also refer to the photo/s you have used in the card – there’s so much to choose from. If you’re feeling stuck for words, don’t worry. We’ve got a blog for that – find the perfect message to go with your perfect birthday photo card. Even better, we’re releasing a new feature soon that includes pre-written messages, making card writing a breeze, even for the tongue-tied. 

Design a photo birthday card for the ultimate personal touch

Opening a unique birthday card which has been designed and created especially for you is extra special, showing just how much you mean to somebody. Make sure your family and friends receive a one of a kind, personally designed birthday photo card they will remember forever. And to make their day even more special, why not add an amazing TouchNote gift to your card?

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