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7 childhood moments worth treasuring forever

Time flies in the blink of an eye, and no one knows that better than parents. At TouchNote, we know it isn’t easy to savour every moment, but with our custom-made cards, you can remember it all in just a few clicks.

From the everyday joys to each of their incredible milestones, keep your loved ones up to date with beautiful moments from your child’s life and create precious mementoes just for you.

Here are 7 of the top moments worth capturing forever with TouchNote.

Welcome to the World

Even with all the late night feeds, and endless diaper/nappy changes, these early days are an incredibly special time, and before you know it…they’re over. So keep the best of these baby bubble moments forever. 

Upload one of your now ever growing selection of pictures of your newborn to our collection of new baby cards.

Look, no hands

They’re off, and there’s no stopping them now. After all their wriggles and falls, you now have a walker. When they are not constantly moving, take a snap and save it to remember the everyday joys of parenthood. 

Holiday Time

Holidays are all about creating memories with the people you love, and a TouchNote card can be a great memento of your first family holiday. Send postcards with your favourite holiday pictures to loved ones far and wide, and send them to yourself as a way to never forget your trip.

Explore our travel card designs and stickers, to make your custom card even more personal. 

Off to School

Time to head to school, make new friends and learn. Make sure to get a good picture of them at the school gates as they embark on their next stage. As the saying goes, your school days are some of the happiest days of your life, so it’s a moment you will always want to remember.


Just like that they’re all grown up, and it’s graduation day. Send them a graduation card, and keep one for yourself. It can take pride of place on the fridge.

First Day on the Job

All their hard work and your support has paid off, and now your child is out in the world pursuing their dreams.  Celebrate their next stage and let your child know how proud of them you are. 

Welcome to Parenthood

Commemorate how everything has come full circle, as you watch your child start a family of their own. 

And now create all those cards again, but this time for your grandkids.

Celebrate all these moments and more, by joining us at TouchNote today.

TouchNote / July 2021
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