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8 moments you shouldn’t miss this Spring

It’s spring and for many of us, especially those who live in more northern climates, this is what we’ve been looking forward to over the cold winter months. We’re heading into longer, brighter days where the forests, gardens, and parks come to life again with pretty little flowers and colorful blossoms.

Make the most of spring and get outside to enjoy the new life emerging everywhere. Don’t forget your phones and cameras so you can send spring cards with photos that share your springtime memories with your loved ones – you’ll capture some of the most inspiring and joyful times of the year!

Why celebrate Spring?

Spring feels like a fresh start for us all. This season puts just about everyone in a celebratory mood. You start excitedly planning how you’re going to make the most of the longer and warmer days by spending more time outdoors. Your mind buzzes with ideas on how to make special spring memories with friends and family, like picnic lunches and al fresco dinners. Or, revisiting some of your favorite places you may not have seen since last summer or autumn.

How about taking the dog to the beach, or getting out into the forests and parks with the family to see and smell the first flowers of the year? Enjoy the budding plants, the vibrant trees, and the animals emerging from hibernation to greet the new season.

And, when you are out enjoying these spring moments, don’t forget to take some amazing pictures so that you can share the simple beauty of life with friends and family through sweet and high-quality photo cards.

1. Blooming marvelous

One of the best things about spring is that the flowers start to bloom. From daffodils and bluebells to primroses and snowdrops, spring spoils us with a variety of gorgeous colors that help us to shrug off those winter blues in no time. 

Spring sees an explosion of wildflowers across many areas in the world as well as the return of stunning white cherry blossoms. It’s the perfect photo opportunity, so don’t miss out. Stop, snap a photo, and share it with a friend to brighten their day and remind them that warmer, sunnier, and happier times are just around the corner.

2. Easter is all about family

With Christmas a distant memory, colorful Easter, with its parades, white bunnies, and painted eggs, is a great opportunity to gather the family together and have some fun for kids big and small. 

Take a look at our ‘Easter Moments to Remember’ blog for some spring card inspiration, such as the big egg hunt, family festivities, egg decorating, chocolate feasts, and more!

H5: 3. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets

3. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets

One of spring’s best gifts is the extra daylight we have sorely missed in the winter months. A spring sunrise on a clear morning is a breathtaking experience and worth getting up for – beautiful, golden, full of fresh hope and the promise of new beginnings. And, we can’t forget those gorgeous sunsets too, with their warm oranges, yellows, and pinks, signaling the end of a perfect spring day.

So, set your alarm and wake up early to capture a golden sunrise in all its glory. Or, share a landscape of the stunning sunset in a unique card to friends and family. These beautiful spring moments act as a reminder of the simple charm and potential in every day and the warmer weather that is on its way.

4. Who’s ready for Spring break?

A key part of any year, and the kick-off for warmer travels, spring break is an opportunity to cut loose and enjoy moments of carefree fun. It’s a time when students can forget all about their studies and head off to the beach, or just kick back with friends and celebrate the season.

So, whether it’s on a long weekend by the lake with the family or a girl’s trip away, make some fabulous spring memories and follow up the holiday with a photo card that features the photos you took that captured the happy times you spent with them. 

5. Take a walk on the wild side

Flowers bloom, the sun peeks out, and new wildlife emerges once again, so why not take a nature walk with friends and family, keeping your eyes peeled for cheeky squirrels, migratory birds, spring lambs, or baby rabbits?

Listen out for the happy chirps and twitters of birds and the rustling of animals  – they’re all as glad to be out in the spring weather as we are. And remember to keep that phone or camera within reach as nothing makes a better “thinking of you” postcard than a sweet animal in nature.

6. Life’s just a picnic

Finally, al fresco dining has returned, and with it comes the picnics and BBQs with friends and family. How we’ve missed those gatherings during the chilly winter months! 

Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with nature and share food, drinks, and laughs with the ones you love most. These picture-perfect spring moments are the types of memories you’ll want to treasure forever.

7. The great outdoors

The ground has thawed and nature has opened itself up to outdoor lovers. And, for the more active and energetic among us, spring also means the return of bike rides, forest hikes, and playing your favorite outdoor sport with your buddies. 

Document these first ventures with postcards and share them with hiking friends, fellow bikers, and teammates alike; they’ll be glad to know how much you’re enjoying their company and the new season now that you can get back together.

8. Wave work goodbye and have some fun

Memorial Day and other state/bank holiday weekends in the spring give us the chance to take some extra time off work, get away from our desks, and make spring memories with friends and loved ones. So, snap every BBQ, road trip, weekend break, or day lazing in the sun and commit them to postcard memory forever.

Spring is a time of fresh starts and rejuvenation. This season offers opportunities to get outside after staying warm and cozy inside all winter and reconnect with family and friends. You can enjoy the fresh air and fully appreciate the vibrant and colorful world that the season brings. Capture all those special spring moments and share them by sending some stunning photo cards to the people in your life that you love the most.

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