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An end of year message from our CEO, Dan

As 2021 comes to a close, I would like to take a moment to celebrate you, our wonderful community. This year you’ve created an abundance of kindness across the world with every postcard, greeting card and gift shared. Everyone here at TouchNote has been so inspired by the support and love you’ve shown over the course of a challenging year. 

As we find our feet in this “new normal”,  it is wonderful to see that so many of us are more mindful about staying in touch and being kinder to our family, friends and community than ever before. This year has been an exciting time for team TouchNote as well. We’ve been working hard to offer you an even bigger and better service. From thousands of inspiring card artwork designs, to new app features, and unique and delightful gifts, we have aspired to support you in spreading even more everyday moments of kindness.   

Moving into 2022, we are hopeful that the year ahead will bring us all one step closer towards normality, whatever that will look like. We hope too, that we will take with us our newfound gratitude for the simple things, the appreciation we have shown in our relationships, and the care we have taken of each other and ourselves to this new year, and for years to come. As always, thank you for being a part of this journey.

Best wishes, Happy Holidays and see you soon,


CEO – TouchNote

You can now add delightful gifts to UK orders

Enjoying a festive catch up in the UK office

We launched handpicked gifts in the US too, for an even kinder way to send

Finally getting to meet colleagues in the India team

Our app now has more exclusive artist designs for creating beautiful cards, with over 3000 designs to choose from

We launched our first ever Kindness Heroes Awards, with 7 heroes recognised in the UK and US

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